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Getting started with Jobylon was a breeze, users were up and running from day one. Recruiting used to cause negative energy internally, but now it is something engaging! The best thing about Jobylon is working with their team, always being available, open to ideas, good at what they do and fun to work with!

Candice Morris

HR Director, Accedo

We were looking for a modern and flexible solution to manage our recruitments as well as finding a way to present our vacancies through beautifully designed and branded job ads. Thanks to Jobylon, we’ve managed to achieve all that and have today a fantastic partnership. The Jobylon team are always open for new ideas with a proactive and responsive approach – all characteristics which makes them one of our most important partners within Human Capital.

Louise Thulin

Recruitment Leader | Human Capital, PwC

Jobylon reduces administration in our recruitment considerably. The tool has streamlined the selection process and creates a transparency in the organisation. The latter has proved to be invaluable as we simply can share recruitment resources between our regions.

Simon Forsberg

HR Manager, Fitness 24 Seven

We were searching for a cost-efficient recruitment tool which could streamline our entire hiring process as well as simplify the application process for potential candidates. These requirements, along with a fantastic service from the staff at Jobylon led us to choose this great tool.

Martin Rydqvist

Recruitment Manager, ÖoB

Jobylon is a flexible, intuitive and above all, a fun tool to work with! It makes it extremely easy to keep track of all your applicants and to collaborate with your colleagues. Jobylon’s customer service and support is beyond all expectations, making the work even more enjoyable!

Astrid Ståhl

HR Manager, Upsales

Thanks to Jobylon, we’ve managed to streamline our hiring process and work with more structure. Our job postings looks great, which is crucial in order to keep working with our employer brand! The opportunity to influence the product and the phenomenal level of service were also contributing factors why we chose Jobylon as partners.

Jenny Hagström

Business Development & Expansion, Itrim

Jobylon has significantly simplified our recruitment process by offering us the tool to collect and manage all relevant applicant data in one place. The tool is user friendly and looks great, both for internal users as well as applicants! I highly appreciate the level of customer care at Jobylon and how they continue to keep us updated with new features and improvements. For us, this is more than just a recruitment software, it simplifies our whole internal process and boosts our Employer Brand!

Sofia Folke

HR-Manager, Advisa

Jobylon is more intuitive and offers better functionality than the three other recruitment solutions we have previously tried. We usually get responses to our questions or feature requests from the Jobylon team within minutes which is invaluable to us!

Caroline Walerud

CEO & Co Founder, Volumental

We needed an easy-to-use and cost-efficient hiring tool. Our search stopped with Jobylon. It’s modern and has an unbeatable and intuitive user interface. Feature-wise, Jobylon meets and exceeds all our requirements and deliver an excellent customer support.

Olle Rydqvist

CEO, PE Accounting

Since we’re expanding a lot with new stores we were in need of a an easy-to-use hiring tool that everyone in the organisation, not only the HR team, could use. We found Jobylon to be the absolute best! Since starting working with them, we’ve been given the best service possible. Jobylon are quick, service-minded but also challenge us to think outside the box when creating job ads to find the right candidates.


Joel Eriksson

HR-Generalist, Peak Performance

With Jobylon, we’re not only simplifying our internal processes but also making sure to offer the best candidate experience possible. By presenting our open positions through beautiful and rich job postings, we’re strengthening our Employer Brand and making it easier than ever to send in an application to us. In addition, Jobylon’s focus on customer service and eagerness to develop based on our needs has proven to be invaluable. The feedback from not only hiring managers but even candidates have been excellent!


Johanna Kurki

Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding, F-Secure

Jobylon has considerably simplified our hiring process. The solution is extremely intuitive and user friendly – for HR, recruiting managers as well as applicants. On top of that, Jobylon offer their clients world class support!

Maria Tremura

Nordic HR Manager, KICKS

For a company like ours that exclusively work with pro-active and outreach methodologies on a Scandinavian level, Jobylon is the perfect tool for us as the whole team can cooperate on the different recruitment projects and stay updated on progress and actions to be taken. We highly recommend Jobylon!

Salah Damoun

CEO & Co Founder, Agile Search

Jobylon makes startup recruitment more fun, smooth and less of an administrative hassle! We’re also very excited about how easy it’s to get the recruitment viral, our candidate database has expanded in a much quicker pace than before. On top of that Jobylon offers great tools for beautiful design of recruitment ads.

Maria Ljungberg

Finance & Recruitment, STING

With Jobylon, we’ve been able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary admin internally and our job ads have never looked better. More importantly, our employees are now more involved in our recruitments, thanks to the intuitive and user friendly service!


Ulrika Hallqvist

HR Partner & Mobility Manager, Sogeti

Jobylon is simple and straight forward to use. The previous hiring solution we used was more difficult to understand and many managers ended up not using it. With Jobylon everyone is on board!

Staffan Palopää

CTO & Co Founder, Vaimo

For a startup like Attach, we can’t afford to spend any unnecessary time on admin. Jobylon removes all the hassle from hiring and saves us a ton of time. Now we can easily create and share beautiful job postings as well as managing our candidates from one intuitive and easy to use tool.

Ryan Gum

CEO & Co Founder, Attach

We used to handle all applications using e-mail, basically a lot of hassle! Nowadays, not only do we have everything neatly stored in a user friendly tool, we’re also making sure to reach out to all applicants and on top of that we’ve got some beautiful looking job ads!

Cornelia Joängen

Associate Lawyer, Jansson & Norin

We have for years tried to attract A-players and real talent using both recruitment companies and our own job ads, with very shaky results. With Jobylon we quickly created a job posting and shared it in social media which generated more than 10 times better conversions than what we’re used to.

Oskar Klingberg

CEO, Wiraya

Jobylon is a very simple and easy-to-grasp recruitment system both for managers and candidates. The best thing with Jobylon is their crew and their willingness to listen and help their customers as well as develop their product to meet customer needs.


Lovisa Öhlander

HR Business Partner, Ricoh

To work with Jobylon’s hiring solution feels great! The tool is intuitive, innovative and feature rich. The Jobylon team have also proven that they take customer service and responsiveness to new levels. Impressive!


Victor Pettersson

HR Support, Åhléns

It’s a true pleasure and a lot of fun working with Jobylon, a customer and solution oriented tool driven by our ever changing strategic and operative challenges. I have never before experienced a partner this customer oriented, from a technical point of view as well as in the dialogue. At Dustin, our daily work is driven in a fast pace and time can be a challenge implementing internal projects, but the Jobylon team has been truly supportive and a very trustworthy partner, not only during the startup period but at all times. I wish to emphasise the positive and personal approach in the dialogue, which is unique and much appreciated by the HR team at Dustin.

Anna Häger

Nordic HR Business Partner, Dustin

Working with Jobylon makes us extremely happy! The tool is intuitive, easy to use, and flexible. The service and commitment we have received from the Jobylon team are beyond expectation. Now we have the possibility to be much more efficient when it comes to recruiting in every way!

Helena Malmqvist

Talent Manager, BannerFlow

Jobylon offers us a great tool to create beautiful job ads and manage our applications. We even use it to organize leads in our outbound recruitment process. Having one place where both me and my co-workers can work from makes our work a lot easier and organised. No more forwarding e-mails between each other!

Robin Andersson

CTO, DigiExam

Jobylon is a smart, modern and easy way to recruit. It has made our hiring process so much smoother!

Ammi Bohlin

Head of Digital Communications, Bonnier

Managing our recruitment process in Jobylon is very efficient, intuitive and transparent. The provided and ready to go job themes makes it super simple to create beautiful job postings. The staff at Jobylon are very open to any feedback we might have and when needed they always assist promptly and professionally!

Hanna Frid

HR Manager, Pocket Shop

For an early stage startup without a dedicated HR team, hiring is an administrative nightmare. Writing job ads, distributing them across multiple channels and managing candidates are just some of the painful tasks we’ve eliminated since we set up Jobylon. Now, we can create and distribute job ads in minutes, and manage our candidates all from the same place. Amazing!

James Pember

CEO & Co Founder, Sparta

We’re so pleased that we chose Jobylon! All recruiting managers think the tool is convenient and intuitive. The Jobylon staff are nice and provides us with quick and awesome support.

Theresa Edström

HR Specialist, SBC

Jobylon is the perfect solution for our recruitment processes. When you run a start-up and have a ton of things to attend to with limited time, it’s important to manage your recruitment needs with one solution, from creating the job posting to sorting through applications. On top of that, Jobylon is neat, simple and intuitive!

Josep Nolla

CEO & Co Founder, reve

To recruit the best talent, a few things are essential to us: Offer the candidates a simple application experience. Keep candidates informed about the status of their application. Allow our recruitment team to collaborate during the recruitment process easily. Jobylon gives us all of this, and on top it does not hurt either that the job postings are beautiful.



Sebastian Spier

Development Leader Germany, Meltwater Product & Engineering

Out of all applicant tracking software’s I have used in my career, Jobylon trumps them all! Not to mention the modern format on job postings ensuring our jobs are visually attractive and more inviting than your standard black and white text. Jobylon also offers an amazing customer service and frequently goes above and beyond to accommodate our needs and requirements.


Jodie Groves

Group Recruitment Manager, Bonnier Publishing

Used and loved by hiring managers in 60+ countries