Create a great candidate experience

Jobylon is designed to help you create a top-class candidate experience.
5. Attracts candidates

Job ads that live up to the candidates' expectations

Today, candidates expect more when interacting with companies and employers. They expect a smooth and seamless experience when searching for a job. Studies show that 54% of candidates have abandoned an active application because of problems with the job ad, which can significantly affect the overall candidate experience. 

With thoughtfully-designed job ads fully tailored to your brand, and that are easy to navigate, you provide important job information quickly. This helps them grasp the potential impact they can make and keeps their interest.

The visual elements in these job ads also give candidates an instant sense of your organisation as an employer, increasing the likelihood of finding a cultural fit.

"We chose Jobylon because we wanted to offer a really good candidate experience. It should be easy to apply to us, it should feel modern"

Siri Wikander, Director People Growth


6. Cutomize ad

Seamless application forms designed for the candidate

Application forms that are intuitive and easy to use are important for a good candidate experience. Since different jobs require different things from both employer and candidate, it's important to adapt the application form to each vacancy. Ensuring that candidates are only asked what is relevant for their role not only saves candidates time but reduces friction at this crucial part of the candidate journey.

With Jobylon, you can also choose to offer CV-less applications. Apart from more traditional alternatives, you can create forms where candidates can apply with LinkedIn, through screening questions, or with video.

"Jobylon helps us create a better candidate experience by simplifying the application process. The system simplifies feedback and helps us keep up the tempo in our communication with candidates."

Sofia Reidwall, Regional HR Business Partner




Smooth candidate communication

A critical part of the candidate experience is what comes after an application is submitted when clear and frequent communication is important to keep candidates updated.

With Jobylon, you can easily set up automatic follow-up emails to be sent at different stages of the hiring process. This ensures that all candidates get the information they need without expending unnecessary time or effort from recruiters or hiring managers.

Automatic reminders also make sure that you get notified when a candidate hasn't heard from you in a while so no candidate is left behind.

"Jobylon has significantly simplified our recruitment process. It's an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly system— for HR, hiring managers, and candidates alike. We also value their world-class customer support!"

Maria Tremura, Chief Human Resources Officer



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