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Simplify your candidate management

Use a hiring platform that makes it easy to manage candidates.

  • Complete overview of your processes and candidates
  • Save 7 hours of time for repetitive tasks per recruiter and week
  • Personalised candidate experiences
Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration in the hiring process

Jobylon facilitates collaboration and accountability within the hiring process. Members of hiring teams are easily added, and personalised access levels ensure people only see the information they need. This empowers hiring managers with the information they need to do their job without concerns about sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Tasks and comments about candidates are stored in one place, without the need to be shared over email. Internal communication is a breeze with all information accessed in one place. 

“Jobylon is the most efficient and user-friendly recruitment system I have ever used. It significantly streamlines and facilitates our recruitment processes. As we usually have several members included in a recruitment process, it’s crucial that we have a tool that allows multiple people to screen, assess, and communicate with the candidates.”

Johanna Nargell
Global HR Business Partner
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Candidate overview

Quick and easy overview of candidates

When you log into Jobylon, you instantly get a complete overview of your processes and candidates. Customised views ensure that you quickly get the most relevant insights about each candidate and see what is needed to improve the candidate experience.

You can also find specific candidates through our powerful filter and search functionality. Our smart scanning lets you search for things like:

  • Keywords in resumes
  • Interview notes
  • Skills and competencies

This functionality lets you easily find the people you’re looking for and start building a database of relevant talent.

“Managing our recruitment processes in Jobylon is very efficient, intuitive, and transparent. The team at Jobylon is very kind and open to feedback, and they always help us quickly and professionally whenever we need it!”

Hanna Frid
HR Manager


Calendar integration

Connect your email and handle all communication in Jobylon

Integrate Jobylon with your email and calendar to handle all candidate communication directly in one place. By eliminating the need to switch between Jobylon and your inbox, you reduce unnecessary administration tasks and save time.

The integration also archives all emails directly on the candidate’s profile eliminating the need to scroll through your inbox to find specific mail, such as those confirming interview dates and times. 

Calendar integration that makes scheduling interviews a breeze

The calendar integration allows you to invite one or multiple candidates to interview time slots that suit your availability. With just a few clicks, you choose the times when you're available and share these options with relevant candidates.

When a candidate selects a time, it becomes unavailable to others. Smart, right? No more back-and-forth when deciding a time for an interview.

“The most important thing is that we have a tool that keeps track of our applicants. We no longer use Excel sheets or have applications in our inbox. We collect everything in Jobylon.

Aron Östergård
Head of HR


Anonymous and unbiased recruitment

Anonymous and unbiased recruitment

Anonymous and unbiased recruitment processes increase the chance of a good hire. With Jobylon, it’s easy to hide candidate information, allowing you to focus on competencies and traits that predicate workplace success without the interference of unconscious bias.

You can choose what information should be anonymised and at which stages of the recruitment process it should remain hidden. This gives you full control over when to present specific candidate information to the hiring team.


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