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What should you prioritise in 2024?

It’s our pleasure to present our yearly recruitment trend report for 2024. We've gathered insights, wisdom, and predictions from industry leaders, professionals, and our very own CEO to provide you with a comprehensive guide to navigate the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition.

In this report, we’ll be covering the 7 most anticipated trends, challenges, and opportunities to come in the recruitment landscape next year.

Filled with expert insights and research data, we’ll bring you the sharpest strategies and provide you with the knowledge required not just to keep up - but to lead the way in the fiercely competitive talent acquisition arena in 2024.

Featured experts

In this report, you'll find in-depth commentary from the following HR and recruitment experts:


Thomas Finell

Head of Talent Acquisition at YIT

Eilin Gillesen

Chief People & Culture Officer at Simployer


Hung Lee

Chief Curator at Recruiting Brainfood


Sahar Kupersmidt

Founder at Kupersmidt & Partners

Kupersmidt and Partners

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  • Discover the key recruitment trends that will dominate the European recruitment market in 2024
  • Unwrap strategies and insights to overcome challenges in talent acquisition
  • Gain actionable takeaways and recommendations to excel in the ever-evolving recruitment landscape of 2024

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