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In an era where the employee experience is front and center in talent acquisition and retention, the candidate experience has perhaps never been more critical.


We had the privilege of hosting a highly insightful webinar that redefined the notion of the candidate experience and employer branding. The session featured Ellen Jorunn Bergem, Head of Employer Branding and Recruitment at OBOS, who shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area.

Ellen shared how candidate experience is often misunderstood and too narrow in its definition. It is not just about what happens when the candidate applies for a position; rather, it starts right from the first impression and continues until the candidate accepts an offer.

Between Jobylon and Ellen, the webinar provided four very concrete tips for companies seeking to create a holistic and engaging candidate experience. Here's a summary of their advice:

1. Think holistically

The candidate experience is a journey, not a single touchpoint. It starts from the first interaction candidates have with your company, whether through your website, social media, or job advertisements, and it extends way beyond the interview process. It's about nurturing the relationship and building a positive impression that lasts.

2. Allocate enough time for the process

Recruitment shouldn't be rushed. The process requires time for thoughtful planning, meaningful interactions, and respectful feedback. It is essential to allow enough time to ensure the recruitment process is positive for all parties involved.

3. Clear and transparent communication

It is important to keep candidates in the loop about where they stand in the recruitment process. Transparent communication sets realistic expectations and enhances the overall candidate experience. This builds trust and respect, even if the candidate is not ultimately chosen for the position. The goal should be that candidates actually want to apply again.

4. Personalize and go the extra mile

Show candidates that you value their time and interest by personalizing communications and experiences. Small gestures can make a significant impact. This could be as simple as sending a personalized email, providing feedback post-interview, or showing flexibility in the scheduling process.

Building on Ellen's comprehensive insights, the webinar also provided a glimpse into how our very own Jobylon system can support these strategies. By fostering a streamlined and efficient process, we aim to prevent candidates from falling through the cracks. Highlighted was the critical role of Employer Branding, shedding light on how a company's perception can influence potential (and relevant) candidates.

Watch the webinar on-demand

If you missed out on the live webinar, no need to worry! Simply access the recording here. It's a rich source of insights for anyone seeking to advance their recruitment strategies and uplift their candidate journey.



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