Source & Manage

Source and engage candidates with ease

Easily find, review, manage, and interview your applicants. Ensure candidate engagement, connect them with hiring managers and maintain efficient communication, all while keeping your inbox organised.


Applicant management

Reviewing applications and advancing the best candidates is one of the most crucial steps of any recruitment process. Jobylon streamlines these tasks by keeping all the necessary information and tools in one place. Use the candidate page in our platform to get a full overview of applicant data including resumes, answers to application forms, tests and any additional files submitted.

  • Keep all applications and sources in one place
  • Create and save custom views
  • Use filters, tags, and searches to easily find candidates 
  • Pin your top searches for future reference

Scorecards & evaluations

Use our evaluation forms and scorecards to gather feedback on candidates at any stage of the recruitment process. You can request feedback when scheduling interviews, customise forms for different positions and conveniently access all your team's feedback in one view.

Advanced search

Unlock the potential of your accumulated candidate data. Run searches to find candidates, or search individual resumes and attached documents for keywords. Create and save common searches for future use. This becomes incredibly useful when you have collected a large pool of candidates across multiple roles or regions and want to find candidates with specific skills or past experience at particular companies.

Custom recruiting pipelines

Easily customise and structure all steps of the recruiting process according to your needs. Create your own stage types to better structure your pipeline. Set reminders and trigger notifications when applicants are inactive for extended periods. Define and track the reasons why candidates decline offers or pull out from recruitment processes.

Interviews & scheduling

Reduce unnecessary administration tasks by integrating Jobylon with your inbox and calendar, consolidating all applicant communication into one place. This makes scheduling interviews, whether with one or a group of candidates, a real breeze!

  • Share your calendar availability with others
  • Schedule interviews as a team
  • Easily book meeting rooms 
  • Let applicants schedule meetings based on your availability

Calendar & email sync

Scheduling interviews can be frustrating and time-consuming. Jobylon makes scheduling simple. You can send time proposals to candidates and they can schedule interviews on their own. 
icon-feedback-forms- videos

Feedback forms & videos

Collect feedback from your candidates by sending them custom forms or asking them to record video answers.

Group interviews

Host and interview multiple candidates at the same time with our group interview feature. Perfect for high-volume recruitments, it simplifies the process of inviting candidates and saves you valuable time. Send proposed slots to multiple candidates and allow them to select the time that suits them best.


Candidate video interviews

Add video links to your scheduled interviews and interact with candidates using our built-in two-way video meeting tool. Record the interview and share with your hiring team, allowing them to review at their convenience, even when working from different locations. This approach offers a flexible and effective way to screen candidates faster.

Collaboration & permission controls

Assemble the ideal hiring team for each specific vacancy with Jobylon’s permission control feature. Manage access levels within your account by assigning different groups, roles and responsibilities to various members of your hiring team. This ensures that each team member has the access they need to succeed in their role.

  • Review, discuss and collaborate with your hiring team
  • Create and assign tasks to members of your team
  • Easily share applications with external viewers
  • Set up rules and triggers to automate team collaboration
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of users 
  • Single sign-on (SSO) supported

Custom teams & permissions

Form the hiring team you need for each vacancy and invite members with custom permissions. Evaluate candidates together and assign tasks to team members. You can even invite external members or agencies to join your team and provide them with the permission levels to access a role, candidates, team or brand account. 

Tasks, Comments, Ratings & Timelines

Keeping track of candidate feedback is easy with Jobylon. Comments are organised and can be viewed as a timeline on the candidate's profile. Simply @mention a colleague and they’ll receive an email notification with your request. Additionally, you have the option to assign tasks with deadlines and attach hidden notes that are only visible to selected users, for added confidentiality and collaboration.

Automate hiring teams

Automate the permission settings of your hiring teams by defining rules and assigning roles to members of your team. For example, you can configure it so that your Head of Sales automatically sees all sales-related roles, while your Marketing Director only accesses relevant marketing roles. This automation saves time and reduces the need for manual administrative tasks.

Agency access

Working with external agencies and recruiters is often needed for specific recruitments. The agency access feature allows you to easily invite external agencies, recruiters and partners to collaborate with you and your team directly in Jobylon. You define their roles and permissions levels. Having multiple agencies? We got you covered.

Candidate communication

Enhance and customize candidate communication with our email and SMS composer. This tool lets you create and schedule custom messages and save them as templates for future use. Connect them to specific recruitment stages, actions or rules, giving you full control over your entire process.

  • Support for both email and SMS
  • Schedule and postpone emails
  • Create triggers and tasks for when messages are sent
  • Save time with custom templates and bulk actions
icon_custom_application forms_lg.png

Online application forms

Our user- and mobile-friendly candidate forms are easy to use and quick to complete. Securely collect additional details, references, case questions, and more. You also have the flexibility to create custom fields and templates per role, function, or language.

Message templates

Use custom message templates to not only save time but also to ensure that your candidate communication is aligned with your employer brand and internal guidelines.

Sync email conversations

It’s essential to keep your team up-to-date with real-time candidate communication. Jobylon’s two-way email sync means that whether you email a candidate from Jobylon or your own email account, the conversation is tracked and displayed on the candidate timeline. There’s no need to forward emails or switch between applications.

Candidate sourcing

Elevate your sourcing methods with our browser extension, making it effortless to add candidates from any webpage or social platform. Easily integrate data to your chosen job, streamline your workflow between LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobylon, and leverage employee referrals to tap into top talent.

  • Expand your sourcing channels
  • Support for internal mobility
  • Efficiently source qualified candidates
  • Use LinkedIn Recruiter (RSC) without switching platforms
  • Collaborate with agencies or employees for recruitment purposes

Social sourcing browser extension

Scale your sourcing and expand your pool of potential candidates. Use our browser extension for Google Chrome to source and directly add candidates from any web page or social platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub to Jobylon. Candidate data will automatically be added to your selected job. 

LinkedIn Recruiter sourcing (RCS)

Work seamlessly across LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobylon to find qualified candidates faster. Access information when and where you need it without having to switch between platforms. Search and message candidates across both Jobylon and the LinkedIn network, view LinkedIn profiles, InMail history, and message candidates, all within the Jobylon platform.


Employee referrals

Utilise your team’s professional networks to attract highly qualified candidates. Get referrals from your employees to connect your company directly to top talent.

Candidate pools

Harness the potential of previous applicants to build future talent pipelines. Tag and save candidates from previous hiring processes or unsolicited applications, allowing you to search your entire database of candidates to build a pool of relevant talents interested in joining your organisation.


Internal mobility

Looking for the next star among your existing employees? Jobylon supports the growing need to prioritise internal recruitment. Set your job vacancy as internal and share it on your company’s intranet. Easily embed jobs on any webpage or use our API for a fully customisable candidate experience.

Agency access

Working with external agencies and recruiters is often needed for specific recruitments. The agency access feature allows you to easily invite external agencies, recruiters and partners to collaborate with you and your team directly in Jobylon. You define their roles and permissions levels. Having multiple agencies? We got you covered.

Job management

Manage your jobs with ease. Our platform offers features that help you customise job pipelines, tailor application processes, use prebuilt job templates, maintain control over visibility and sourcing, and save time with shortcuts. These capabilities ensure a seamless and efficient hiring experience.

  • Build custom job pipelines
  • Tailor your application process
  • Utilise ready-made job templates
  • Maintain control over visibility, sourcing, and location
  • Use shortcuts to save time on common searches 

Custom application forms

Customise application forms and add any screening questions. Save them as templates for specific roles or positions. Choose from various field types, accept attachments, and specify if they are optional or mandatory. Use the provided information to trigger automated rules, messages, notifications, or ratings.

Anonymous recruitment

Improve diversity and anonymise your candidate profiles in your hiring process. When you enable unbiased hiring, all contact details from candidates will be hidden until a stage you define.


Internal & confidential jobs

When recruiting internally your hiring process might look different. Hide internal jobs from your public career page, and embed them on your company’s intranet or share a link with your teams. You can also set your job ad to confidential to limit access to certain user groups, recruiters or headhunter agencies.
Unlist and hide jobs

Unlist & hide jobs

Choose to hide job ads if you need a general "container" for sourcing and adding applicants. It's a simple and great way to share specific job ads with a particular audience, such as at student fairs or events, without having to share the ad on your career page. 

Create & save your search

Save frequently used candidate search queries in your database as search shortcuts. Save time and streamline your processes by reusing your search filters instead of manually inputting them each time. You can even choose to receive daily email notifications when new applicants enter your saved segment. This is a great way for monitoring applicants based on specific criteria.
Job ads templates

Job ad templates

Simplify and speed up your job posting process by using job ad templates. Save time while making sure job ads are aligned with your company's overall employer value proposition and guidelines. You can easily reuse standard information, while customising the appearance and content of your job ads to match specific job functions, roles, or titles.
Follow specific jobs & recruitments Copy

Follow specific jobs & recruitments

Alert potential talent to new vacancies with email notifications. By simply adding a small script to your career page, they can easily subscribe and apply. This will build a pool of possible candidates and fill your pipeline with candidates just waiting for the right role to open up.


3. Qualify & Automate

Streamline processes to review and hire more applicants in less time.