How Skanska Finland leverages Jobylon's hiring software for efficient talent acquisition

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As a large company in the construction industry, finding new talent is a top priority for Skanska Finland. After careful deliberation, Skanska Finland selected Jobylon's ATS system for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. This proved to be a perfect fit for both candidates and employees, providing a smooth and successful hiring process for everyone involved.


Skanska Finland has a big variety of recruiting needs. As a large company in constructing services and project development, both the residential and commercial fields, with a machinery rental unit as well, they need a variety of people, knowledge, and skills. And with the competition in construction being tough, recruiting is an important focus area for them. In order to find a solution to better support recruitment and employee experience, they organized a series of workshops to identify what they wanted from their future ATS system. After a thorough consideration, Jobylon was chosen as their go-to solution.

“We wanted a system that would help us enhance both the employee and candidate experience. We also wanted a system that would support us throughout the whole recruitment process with as much information as possible in the system instead of various documents stored in various places – which Jobylon definitely has helped us with,” Jenni Karjalainen, HR Specialist, Skanska Finland, explains and continues:

“The biggest change from before is that, with Jobylon, we get an optimized way of working where everything is in one place. For example, the approval process is now automated, ensuring everything goes to the right person. The application process is user-friendly for both applicants and hiring managers.”

Jobylon has also proven to be a tremendous help with managing the recruitment process for Skanska's Oppiva trainee program.

“Oppiva is a three-year thainee program, and we recruit new students once a year. We usually hire up to 50 students for multiple different roles, and there are up to 40 hiring managers involved. Jobylon has made it possible for applicants to apply with one application for up to 3 positions in a way that it is still easy for us to manage.”

With the help of Jobylon, Skanska Finland has also been able to make rehiring easier, and  more manageable. 

“As responsible employers, we want to make sure that we treat our employees equally and that we fulfill the requirements of the laws, and the system has proven to be a useful tool in ensuring that.”

Jenni appreciates the possibilities provided by Jobylon's tagging system. Tags are automatically added to the applicants applying for the Oppiva program, allowing for simplified searches of potential candidates for specific positions. Tags are already an important part of managing applicants for the Oppiva training program, and in the future, they are planning to utilize tags to acquire data on the quality of applications. 

Using more data is something Jenni sees as even more important in the future, and with the ongoing support of Jobylon, she’s certain that her expectations will be met – and exceeded.

“We strive to continuously improve the employee and applicant experiences and want the process to be as efficient as possible. We want to focus on the right things and use data to identify them,” Jenni says and concludes: 

“Having a modern and dynamic ATS system is crucial for us, and Jobylon meets that requirement. We appreciate how Jobylon is always evolving, and if something isn't possible, they always provide alternative solutions.

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