Employee Referrals

Attract talent through employee referrals

Embrace the full potential of your employee network. Get access to highly-qualified candidates who tend to join faster, stay longer, and align better with your company culture.

Streamline your sourcing through employee referrals

Take your sourcing to new heights with employee referrals. Enable your employees to easily refer top-quality candidates from their personal networks directly to your company.

  • Support for multiple referral portals to drive various campaigns
  • Introduce or improve an employee referral program
  • Compare the ROI of sourcing channels
  • Filter and export data when needed

A simple way for employees to submit their referrals

Simplifying the referral process is crucial to keep your colleagues motivated and engaged. This is why we have designed everything to provide a transparent and user-friendly experience for both referrers and referees.

  • Collect referrals for specific departments, jobs or directly to the company
  • Keep employees updated throughout the process
  • Allow referrals from people outside of your organisation

Use gamification to supercharge your referral program

Our approach encourages the behaviour you want by creating a fun and engaging experience for your employees. It showcases your top referrals and creates healthy competition among your team, resulting in more referrals and better hiring outcomes for your organisation.

  • Track events or collect points
  • Personal leadership dashboards for rewards and gamification
  • Present your leaderboard on a screen using TV mode

Employee referral portal

Make referring candidates as simple as can be. With our referral portal, your employees can easily recommend people in their network to a department or a specific job. You can also create multiple referral portals to run different campaigns or tailor programs for different teams, roles, functions or your entire company.

Leaderboards & gamification

Let your employees view the progress of their recommendations at any time. In the portal, they can see the status of their referred candidates, leaderboard rankings, and their earrings from referrals so far. The referral process is made easy and fun!
Rewarding & Engaging

Rewarding & engaging

Introduce reward programs and involve your employees in recruiting. Recognise their performance through leaderboards and other incentives. This empowers them to actively contribute to your recruitment strategy while staying engaged and informed. 

Large screen support

Capture the attention of your employees with TV mode. Present your leaderboard on a larger screen for maximum engagement and awareness.


Compare employee referrals to other hiring channels and track ROI in our reports and dashboards. Easily filter and export data for sharing with colleagues or on other platforms, making it ideal for events and collaboration.

Grow your organisation

Employee referrals are a powerful tool for recruiting and hiring, with many benefits for employers.


applicant-to-hire conversion rate, making employee referrals the top-performing source among all recruiting channels.


of employers rated employee referrals above all other sources for the highest-quality candidates.


faster filling time of job openings for employee referrals compared to other sourcing channels.

Increase your candidate reach

Tap into your employees’ networks to access a larger pool of candidates. 

Long lead time to offer acceptance Copy@2x

Reduce time-to-hire

Source candidates quickly without sacrificing quality by using employee recommendations.

Delight candidates@2x

Reduce employee turnover

Employees who are referred through a referral program tend to have higher retention rates than those hired through other methods.


Become more cost-efficient

Referrals reduce the time and costs associated with external sources such as recruitment agencies or ads.

Measurable results, optimised TTH

Overcome talent shortages

Find more candidates with the right competence who fit within your company culture.

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