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Market your vacancies with modern job ads

Quickly create job ads that help you attract the right talent with Jobylon. 

4. Strenghtens your brand
8. Create visual and attractive job ads@2x

Create attractive job ads that stand out

With Jobylon, it’s easy to create modern job ads. Flexible templates allow recruiters and hiring managers to publish job ads with just three clicks in under 30 seconds.

Use colors, fonts, images, videos, and copy to tailor your ads to your brand. This level of customisation gives you full control over how you are perceived online, provides candidates with a consistent experience, and strengthens your employer brand.

By making it so simple to create visually appealing job ads you can:

  • Drastically reduce administrative tasks so you have more time to spend on candidates
  • Make the job more appealing and attract more qualified candidates
  • Increase your attractiveness as an employer and take full control of your employer brand

“By presenting our open positions with beautiful and rich job postings, we’re strengthening our employer brand and making it easier than ever to submit an application.

Johanna Kurki
Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager


9. Short and smooth application

A seamless application process for candidates

Our application forms are designed with the candidate's experience in mind. They are fully adaptable to make the application process as smooth as possible, while still providing you with the information you need.

Candidates have the ability to apply:

  • With a single click via LinkedIn
  • By submitting a video application
  • With or without adding a CV

Many of our customers use smart selection questions to quickly find the best candidates and prioritise their time.

Whether you want to increase the quality or amount of applications, our forms are easily adapted for each vacancy and your personal needs. What you get is a seamless and simple application process that improves the candidate experience and makes screening easier.

“Jobylon helps us improve our candidate experience by simplifying the application process.”

Sofia Reidwall
HR Business Partner


Market your jobs with smooth integrations

Once you’ve posted a job, use our native integrations to market it to the right audience and get qualified candidates. Choose from among over 30 pre-built integrations with job boards and social media platforms in multiple countries to help you reach the ideal candidates. With just one click you can start promoting your job ad to thousands of relevant candidates, all within minutes of posting it.

As a partner, we help you choose the right channels based on your requirements and make sure you reach the right audience.

“Of all the recruitment systems I have used in my career, Jobylon is by far the best. I like the modern format of their job ads. They are always visually appealing and more inviting than traditional text-based, black-and-white ones.”

Jodie Groves
Group Recruitment Manager


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