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Let's hear from the team

People at Jobylon are so talented, helpful and smart. If you become a part of our team, you will definitely learn something from others and there will be a lot of opportunities for you to teach others as well.
Niklas Emanuelsson, CTO
Everyone working at Jobylon is amazing and super different, but we complement each other in a really good way. Our Happiness culture, as we call it, might sound cheesy, but we do it genuinely. It is our thing and it’s in our DNA.
Elina Bergström, VP Customer Success
We are on an incredible journey and we have just started scratching the tip of the iceberg in terms of growth. If you want to be a part of building a function, this is really the place for you.
Martin Linder, VP Sales & Marketing
Jobylon is all about our culture - a passion for our product and about genuinely caring for each other. You can feel our culture in everything we do.
Olli Rytkönen, Customer Implementation

Our main goal is for all our team members to feel relevant and that they have an impact and can use the full potential of their capabilities.

Aref Abedi, CEO

This is Jobylon

Get to know what we are trying to achieve, who we are, how we think and how we define our life at Jobylon.


For us at Jobylon, Happiness is all about creating an environment and culture where each individual can maximize their potential, feel relevant, and have an impact. Check out our video and hear what some of our Jobylonians say about Happiness.

Our values

We believe in assembling a dream team of exceptional individuals who can achieve extraordinary results and conquer our goals together. Our ultimate aim? To cultivate an environment where creativity thrives and where everyone can unlock their full potential. 


Passion for Product

Creating a seamless experience for our users starts with unlocking the creativity within! We lead with a curious mind and dare to ask questions, make our voices heard, and challenge each other and our product in order to bring the latest technology to the market.

Passion for Business

Enthusiasm and grit are the driving force behind everything we do! This translates into daring to set and meet ambitious goals, walk the extra mile, and always strive for better. We bring out the best in each other by continually challenging one another and do not settle for average.

Passion for People

Cultivating a humanized workplace on trust, empathy, and transparency is key for us and something that is permeating our entire culture. We believe that the key to real success lies in people feeling safe enough to be their full selves at work.

Join our mission

At Jobylon, our mission is to simplify hiring and empower hiring managers. We believe that technology exists to simplify people's lives and in our case, the hiring and recruitment process. Up until now, HR software has been associated with an administrative tool, a tool that you have to use but rarely enjoy working with.

We want Jobylon to be a recruiting platform that our users love to work in and at the same time find highly valuable. With companies from all over the world using Jobylon, we’re off to a good start!

It all comes to our team! In order to truly understand our customer's needs, challenge them and translate them into creative solutions in our product, we need smart and ambitious people to join our journey. If you join us, you will face daily challenges, continuous personal and professional development, a hard-working team and an unforgettable journey.

If you’re keen to know more and think you have what it takes, send in an application today.

Perks at Jobylon

Being a Jobylonian comes with many great benefits and activities.

icon_remote_friendly Remote-friendly

At Jobylon, we love autonomy and want to ensure that everyone is working in a way, and from the location where they thrive the most. We believe that culture doesn’t necessarily happen in between four walls but is more so an experience that can be shared no matter where our Jobylonians are located. Therefore, we offer flexibility within the frame of what makes sense for your specific role 🌟

icon_jcation_lg JCation

JCation is our yearly get-together where we all travel to a destination to spend quality time together! Besides business as usual, the week is packed with workshops, hangouts, dinners and even a hackathon 🙌🏼 This is Jobylon's way of thanking each and one of you for the hard work spent during the year 🙏🏼

icon_passion_grant Passion Grant

Our passion Grant is meant to support and inspire your professional development. Therefore, we offer you 3000 SEK/year to purchase perhaps a fun online course, a book or a lecture you’d like to attend!

icon_WFH_grant Work from Home (WFH) Grant

As we're a WFH-friendly employer, we offer everyone a WFH grant which is used to in some way improve your home office and work environment.

icon_wellness_grant Wellness Grant

Well-being is top of mind for us at Jobylon! Every year, we offer all our Jobylonians 5000 SEK to stimulate and inspire regular physical activity and overall well-being. So, whether it's hitting the gym or engaging in other activities that nurture your health, we've got you covered! 🏋️‍♀️ 

icon_vacation_days Vacation Days

We work hard but we also need to take time off and spend some time with our loved ones (yes those outside of Jobylon 💙). With that said, we offer all Jobylonians 30 days of vacation per year.

icon_happy Happiness Tax

Happiness Tax is our way of giving back to... well ourselves 😀. A small portion of our sales goes into our so-called “happiness tax” where Jobylonians can pitch an idea of how to use the money, if more than 50% vote yes - we might find ourselves in the middle of the sea on a sauna boat, hosting a crayfish party or (almost) buying an office robot. The idea behind this is to ensure that happiness isn’t just a statement but an integrated part of our everyday work life.

icon_flexible_hours Flexible Working Hours

We understand that life can be unpredictable and that sometimes you need to adjust your working hours. Therefore, we offer flexible working hours to ensure that you can work when it suits you best.

icon_team_events Team Events

We believe that team events are essential for building strong relationships and having fun together. Therefore, we organize team events on a regular basis to ensure that we get to know each other better and have a good time together.

icon_health_insurance_lg Health Insurance

We offer all Jobylonians health, come-back insurance and Employee Assistance programs.

We celebrate diversity

A diverse team is essential for achieving great things. We value different backgrounds, personalities and experiences, as they help to broaden our perspectives and drive our innovation and creativity. 











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Life at Jobylon

A happiness culture for us means maximizing the potential of each individual and cultivating a safe, human-centric environment where everyone feels relevant and has an impact.

Instead of using goals as a ruling measurement for success, we like to talk about which clear direction the company is headed towards. If the direction is clear and we can create a culture where each individual feels they have the mandate to take initiative and make decisions - it results in a happy workforce. And a happy workforce will generate results far beyond any goals you could have imagined to set.

Interested in learning more about how our happiness culture is manifested in our everyday work life?  

Our Recruitment Process

Curious about joining life at Jobylon? Keep reading! For us, it is essential to prioritise an extraordinary experience for our candidates. Get ready to embark on a seamless journey through our carefully crafted, evidence-based and transparent hiring process. 

Why our process is built in a certain way

Humans are hardwired to see patterns and shapes, with a strong tendency to make decisions based on what’s familiar. That is why our gut feeling will always favorise humans that we can relate to, regardless of whether that person is objectively an accurate fit for a job or not.

Without a standardized recruitment process, we risk making decisions based on our gut feeling rather than objectively evaluating our candidates. Our hiring process is therefore based on a few selected methods with the highest validity to minimize the risk of making biased hiring decisions.

Thankfully, there are several different methods and tools that we can utilize today that focus more specifically on qualifications and abilities rather than formal qualifications.

The Jobylon Recruitment Funnel

1. First things first - the application

Make sure you send in your application via one of the job ads and not via email as we’re unable to process applications sent in via email due to GDPR.

First things first - the application

2. Logic reasoning and personality assessments

We use Alva Labs for all our assessments in our recruitment processes. The Alva assessments are divided into two different tests:

  • GMA tests
    A general mental ability test, also known as a logical reasoning test
  • Personality test
    These tests are normally sent out before the first interview but might vary depending on the position.
Logic reasoning and personality assessments

3. First interview

During this interview, we focus on the following aspects;

  • Introduction to Jobylon:
    During this interview, we’ll be giving you a first introduction to Jobylon and talk about questions such as “How does our team look like today, why should you join us, what’s our vision and why are we recruiting for this role”?
  • Profile and Culture match
    During the second part of this interview, we’d like to get a better understanding of your contribution, motivations as well as a company culture check. While skills and experience are essential, what we’re looking for are passionate individuals that will contribute to our company culture.
First interview

4. Second interview with the Hiring Manager

During this interview, we will focus on the following aspects:

  • Role and team fit
    In this meeting, the hiring manager will provide you with additional information about the position and offer insights into the team's functioning.
Second interview

5. Final interview and case

During the final interview, we conduct a case/work sample assessment. Why? A work sample case or assessment is the recruitment method with the highest validity when predicting work performance. The case/assessment gives us an insight into your qualifications for the position and what you will bring to the company.

Final interview

Open positions

Teams at Jobylon

Ready to get to know the heart and soul of Jobylon? The videos below will give you a glimpse into our vibrant teams and the incredible individuals behind them. 

Customer Success

People at Jobylon

Aref Abedi


Martin Linder

VP Sales & Marketing

Cecilia Karlsson


Emelie Strandberg

Customer Success

Matilda Brinkeborn

Customer Success

Elina Bergström

VP Customer Success

Ilja Leiko


Niklas Emanuelsson


Wagner Barretto


Nicole Thorson


Simone Bengtsson

Customer Success

Theofilos Alexiou


Karin Bergström

VP People & Culture

Erik Apelkrona

Customer Success

Richard Danielsson

Customer Success

Tim Davidsson


Stephen Edge

Head of Design

Sofia Pihlblad

Customer Success

Aino Korhonen

Customer Support

Francisco Monsanto


Oddvar Brekke


Johannes Nordenholm

Customer Success

Corinne Hedlund Nytén

Head of Legal

Madeleine Wessel

Customer Success

André Rodrigues


Albin Mannberg

Partner Success

Olli Rytkönen

Customer Implementation

Sebastian Basauri

Customer Support

Peter Eggers

Creative Studio

Ninnie Karlsson


Elias Paavilainen


Robin Grönlund


Etienne Nigg

Head of Partnerships

Anton Malmrot


Daniel Hirata


Tove Hernlund


Stefano Verkooij

Regional Sales Director

Sarah Molaiepour