At Jobylon, our mission is to simplify hiring and to empower hiring managers. We believe that the technology exists to simplify people's lives and in our case, the hiring and recruitment process. Up until now, a hiring software has been associated with an administrative tool, a tool that you have to use but rarely enjoy working with.

We want Jobylon to be a tool that our users love to work in and at the same time find highly valuable. With companies from all over the world using Jobylon, we’re off to a good start!


It all comes to our team! In order to truly understand our customer's needs, challenge them and translate them into creative solutions in our product, we need smart and ambitious people to join our journey. If you join us, you will face daily challenges, continuous personal and professional development, a hard working team and an unforgettable journey.


If you’re keen to know more and think you have what it takes, send in an application today.


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