Recruiting at Capgemini: We found a partner who continually customizes and improves our recruitment process

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Recruitment in IT and tech is challenging. A continuous pipeline of candidates and a recruitment system that can manage both teamwork, statistics, GDPR, and analyses are crucial. Angelica Strand, Head of Acquisitions Nordics at Capgemini, shares her thoughts on how to work effectively throughout the entire recruitment process.


With over 300 000 coworkers and more to come, you need to have solid and flexible solutions for recruitment. Angelica Strand, Head of Acquisition Nordics, at Capgemini is responsible for a continuous flow of potential colleagues. With Jobylon as a recruiting partner for the Nordic countries, the ATS (applicant tracking system) is helping Angelica to take control over the recruitment process in order to make better data-driven decisions. 

– If you look at Capgemini from a recruitment perspective, we have a high volume of candidates to deal with. That’s why we need correct statistics and the possibility to export reports from the system, in order to make the right decision on how many vacancies we need to fill and when. As well as identifying any obstacles along the way.

The transition to a new recruiting system

When Angelica started working at Capgemini she soon discovered that GDPR was not followed up and that the existing system was failing to show statistics or reports. There was also a shortage in the recruitment process. The need for a new solution was crucial. Since Jobylon was already a part of Capgemini, as a partner to Sogeti since 2014 (an affiliated company of Capgemini), the natural step was to book a demo with Jobylon and try it out. 

– In a big company like this the decision process can take a lot of time and effort since there are so many stakeholders involved, but when we finally got introduced to Jobylon I was so impressed with Jobylon’s work. They have been very supportive, and have tackled our problems in a constructive way. For example, the transfer and integration with other systems have worked out really well, says Angelica.

Constant improvements in the ATS

The partnership with Jobylon is an ongoing process where the ATS is continuously updated and adjusted to fit Capgemini’s needs. Working in sprints makes it easier to adjust and add features along the way. Support and training are a part of the deal, and the working method and Jobylons humble approach are appreciated.

– I've worked with many different recruitment systems, both large enterprise recruitment platforms, and the Nordic players. A significant difference between the two is that the enterprises have a lot of functionality although tend to be complex and not so user-friendly. The nordic players are more on their toes, and quickly adapt to changes and implement new functionality adjusted to our actual needs. I like the drive at Jobylon, they always want to improve the system for the better, and to suit our specific needs, Angelica says.

Finding the right talent

Having the right strategy and tools in place is important in order to succeed in your recruitment. But it's far from enough in today's candidate-driven market. Building a strong employer brand is key. This is important, particularly in the IT industry where all companies fight for the best talents. Since it is hard to find and retain the best talents, Capgemini works a lot with upskilling. This is something that is appreciated in terms of personal development, if you grow and invest in your skills, you’ll much more likely stay longer at a workplace. Capgemini has its own universities for upskilling, where you can educate yourself in personal development, technical skills, and leadership.

– A lot of times we look for the unicorn, but if we instead look for a candidate with a great mindset, potential and attitude, we like to invest in that person. It could be courses and certificates for example. Personal development and a remote workplace are important if you want to keep talent. 

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