Reach millions of candidates with job advertising

Attract top talent with targeted social media job ads. Maximise visibility, increase applications, and save on costs. The best part? We manage it all for you.

With job advertising, you can:

  • Expand your talent pool by reaching new candidates
  • Enjoy personalised account management and dedicated support
  • Attract the right candidates with beautifully designed ads
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Attracting talent for the world’s top employers


Use social media to reach new talent

Expand your reach by advertising on the platforms where your target audience naturally spends their time.


Attract passive candidates

Grow your candidate pool beyond those actively searching for opportunities. Capture the attention of passive candidates who could be open to new opportunities if the right one comes along.

  • Find the right candidates who may not be active on job boards
  • Increase visibility in times of talent scarcity
  • Connect with passive candidates on the channels they are active
  • Attract risk-averse candidates during economic downturns
Attract emerging talent

Connect with a new generation

Engage Gen Z, a generation of digital natives who search for jobs in new ways by advertising on social media. Use untapped channels to connect with this new generation of tech-savvy candidates who don’t follow traditional job-seeking processes. Reach these early-career professionals to boost your talent pipeline in times of scarcity. 

  • Fill your talent pipeline with a new generation of talent
  • Engage candidates with visually appealing content
  • Tailored and mobile-optimised job ads

Discover top talent anywhere

Find the talent you need in any region. Our targeted approach accelerates your talent acquisition, connecting you with the right talents faster. We partner with all major platforms so you are present where your candidates are, whether you are hiring locally or expanding to new markets and regions.

  • Connect with talent in specific regions using location-targeting
  • Engage with talent in new markets
  • Advertise globally for remote or hybrid work setups
  • Promote on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, TikTok and others

We manage your campaigns for you

Personalised account management is included with all advertising packages.
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Trusted expertise and recommendations

Leverage our expertise from thousands of campaigns and let our team of recruitment marketing specialists provide recommendations or manage entire job advertising campaigns for you. We tailor messaging to match the tonality of your brand, set up the targeting, and run and optimise your campaigns. We create eye-catching designs that reflect your company culture and coach you with strategic and practical advice. 

  • Outsource job ad creation, tech and campaign optimisation to us
  • Recommendations based on similar jobs and benchmarks
  • Follow campaigns and get ROI analysis on your advertising strategy
  • Access to our team of recruitment marketing experts

Dedicated support

Our customer success team is your trusted partner and dedicated advisor. They’ll help you execute job advertising campaigns, reduce organisational and technical barriers, and find opportunities to improve your recruitment marketing. Our award-winning support team of experts will guide and coach you and is dedicated to helping you with any technical- and system-related questions.

What you can expect:

  • Decrease time-to-fill
  • Professional coaching, tech and data support
  • Training sessions
  • Exclusive customer events
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Tailored campaigns to nurture your social talent pools

Nurture qualified candidates who have engaged with your social media ads. Our recruitment specialists ensure your campaigns reach top candidates on social platforms by using valuable data from your campaigns.

  • Improved candidate engagement
  • Enhanced candidate experience
  • Increased quality of candidates
  • Cost-effective advertising
08-post-to-hire-reporting- analytics

Post-to-hire reporting & analytics

Get the full picture of your advertising efforts and track the entire candidate journey in real-time. Follow your campaigns and see how candidates move along the pipeline–from seeing your job ad on social media to applying for the position. Understand where your candidates are coming from and get insights on how to make your job ads and recruitment processes better at every step. Use these insights to ensure you are attracting the right people in the most efficient way possible.

Know you’re getting it right:

  • Real-time post-to-interview and post-to-hire reporting
  • Focus your budget on the platforms that get you results
  • Own the data to build future talent pools
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A smarter, economical choice

Save on every job promotion. We use the collective buying power of our customers and channels to offer much better pricing, with discounts of up to 25%. Leverage the benefits of Jobylon as the largest recruitment campaign provider in the Nordics for enterprise companies. 

Benefits you can expect:

  • Volume-based discounts and exclusive offers
  • Centralised invoicing, reporting and analytics
  • Full flexibility – buy credits and use them as you hire

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Up to 25%

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