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How do you shape a purpose-driven employer brand?

A new generation of talent is driving dramatic change in the recruitment industry. This generation seeks something deeper than attractive salaries or enticing perks – a sense of purpose and alignment with the values of their employer.

As a result, purpose-driven employer branding needs to be a top priority if you want to succeed with your talent acquisition strategies.

So how can organisations effectively integrate their purpose into their employer brand? And how can they use HR technology to create a personalised and meaningful candidate experience?

In this report, we explore innovative ways to enhance the candidate experience through purpose-driven employer branding. With real-life examples from industry leaders, this is your guide to transforming employer branding.

Featured experts

In this report, you'll find in-depth commentary from the following employer branding and recruitment experts:

Karin Erjeby

Karin Erjeby

Talent Acquisition Manager at Lyko
Karin is the visionary behind Lyko’s innovative recruitment processes, which don’t require traditional CVs or cover letters. She’s at the forefront of the transformation of the recruitment landscape by focusing on a candidate’s potential and skills, rather than just their past experience.

Ellen Jorunn Bergem OBOS #15

Ellen Jorunn Bergem

Leader of Employer Branding & Recruiting at OBOS
Ellen is the Head of Employer Branding and Recruitmentat OBOS. In 2022, she was named Employer Branding Professional of the Year at the Magnet Awards in Norway. She has strategically positioned employer branding as a top priority at OBOS, engaging the entire organization in this effort.

dorotea gawek capgemini

Dorotea Gawek

Head of Employer Branding Nordics at Capgemini
Dorotea is the Head of Employer Branding at Capgemini in the Nordics, responsible for crafting a compelling employer branding strategy. With an extensive career dedicated to employer branding, she provides valuable expertise in helping companies align with their purpose to attract and retain talent.


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  • Identify and integrate purpose into your employer brand
  • Craft purposeful communication that engages your candidates
  • Leverage HR tech to deliver a personalised candidate experience
  • Measure your initiatives and connect them to tangible business outcomes 

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