LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Integration (RSC)

Connect Jobylon to LinkedIn Recruiter

Integrate LinkedIn Recruiter with Jobylon's ATS to save your team time so you can focus on what matters most — hiring the right people.

LinkedIn Export to ATS

Sync data to source top candidates

Connect LinkedIn and Jobylon to enhance your talent acquisition processes. The integration links LinkedIn Recruiter and our platform, so you have access to identical candidate information on both platforms. This time-saving solution keeps you up to date, regardless of where you're working.

  • See which candidates are already in Jobylon when you search LinkedIn
  • Export LinkedIn profiles to Jobylon and get real-time profile updates
  • Send messages and view InMail history from Jobylon
  • View candidate notes and applicant history on LinkedIn profiles
  • Search for candidates on LinkedIn directly within Jobylon


Save time

Get the information you need without switching between platforms.

Hire qualified candidates

Attract the most qualified candidates and move them through the hiring funnel faster.
Rewarding & Engaging

Make informed decisions

Get more insights by combining candidate data from both platforms.

LinkedIn In ATS-2

Turn LinkedIn leads into candidates

The integration allows recruiters to source and manage candidates faster. Find candidates on LinkedIn and add them to Jobylon. Quickly spot candidates already in Jobylon from LinkedIn Recruiter and access their history and notes. 


Jobylon Linkedin

Enhance your candidate data

Gain deeper candidate insights by merging LinkedIn data with your existing Jobylon data. From Jobylon, you can easily view LinkedIn profiles, check InMail history, and send direct messages to candidates. Get LinkedIn candidate recommendations for jobs in Jobylon. 


LinkedIn ATS-Enabled Reporting

Use data to understand your end-to-end hiring funnel. Make informed decisions to understand where best to spend your time and the value of your hiring sources, including LinkedIn.

  • Optimise your strategy with full-funnel activity insights from the Hiring Funnel Report
  • Evaluate different candidate sources with the Source Report
  • Understand the impact of your LinkedIn activity with LinkedIn Touch Attribution
  • Use industry benchmarks to compare against industry peers
Reference checks

Easy to set up for administrators and recruiters


Secure and GDPR-compliant

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