How Koenigsegg reduced their time-to-hire from 60 to 25 days

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Koenigsegg Automotive AB, known for creating groundbreaking sports cars, had a hard time identifying the right candidates while hiring. They needed to streamline their recruitment process, and figure out an easy way to hire top-notch talent who excel in fast-paced environments. The solution? Koenigsegg teamed up with Jobylon and Alva Labs to develop an efficient and candidate-friendly hiring process.

The collaboration with Jobylon and Alva Labs has significantly enhanced talent acquisition for Koenigsegg.


Key benefits Koenigsegg has achieved with Jobylon:

  • Reduced Time-to-Hire: In the world of high-performance sports cars, speed is paramount. Thanks to the partnership with Jobylon and Alva Labs, Koenigsegg has shortened their time-to-hire from an average of two months to just 25 days. This significant reduction enables them to secure top talent quickly, maintaining their competitive edge in the industry.

  • Improved Quality of Hires: Finding candidates with the necessary technical expertise and passion to contribute to Koenigsegg's innovation-driven culture is challenging. By leveraging advanced psychometric candidate assessments and a tailored applicant tracking system (ATS), they can now easily identify candidates who possess the precise skills and mindset required to excel in their dynamic work environment.

    Fredrik Karlsson, Recruitment Manager at Koenigsegg:
    "One of the benefits we have seen with Jobylon as a recruitment tool, especially as a collaborative platform, is that I might have an engineer applying for one of my roles that might not be exactly what I am looking for. To be able to categorize and save those candidates that are interesting but maybe it is the wrong time, to share them with different departments and different managers around you."

  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Koenigsegg values the candidate experience of anyone who expresses interest in joining their team. Through Jobylon's user-friendly interface and Alva Labs' cutting-edge assessment tools, candidates enjoy a seamless application process that allows them to showcase their abilities and potential. This focus on candidate experience helps Koenigsegg attract top talent while maintaining a positive brand image in the industry.

  • Increased Hiring Manager Engagement: Hiring managers play a crucial role in the recruitment process, and their active participation is vital for identifying the best candidates. The partnership with Jobylon and Alva Labs has not only empowered Koenigsegg's hiring managers, but also increased their engagement. With an optimized system that centralizes all recruitment-related information and automates approval processes, hiring managers can focus on selecting the right candidates instead of dealing with administrative tasks.

At Jobylon, we take immense pride in being part of Koenigsegg's recruitment journey. Alongside Alva Labs, we have provided Koenigsegg with the tools and technology they need to fuel their talent acquisition process and continue propelling their company forward.


What is Alva Labs? 

Alva Labs, one of Jobylon's partners, is a Stockholm-based company specializing in talent acquisition and management. Their mission is to eliminate unconscious bias in recruitment, providing equal opportunities to all applicants and helping organizations unlock potential within their candidate pool. Alva Labs employs scientifically validated psychometric testing, which measures cognitive abilities and personality traits, enabling more accurate and fair hiring decisions. In the case of Koenigsegg, Alva Labs' technology has significantly improved the quality of hires and streamlined the candidate experience, contributing to its reputation as a top-tier employer in the automotive industry.

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Discover the winning combination of speed, efficiency, and quality with Jobylon and Alva Labs. 

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