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Hire with a tailor-made recruiting software for top employers

Whether you’re hiring 50 or 5,000 employees, Jobylon’s recruiting software has all you need to attract, manage and hire the best candidates.
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Attract & Promote

Elevate your employer brand and attract top talent with our unique career pages. Create tailored job postings with branded designs, testimonials, and videos. Our platform maximises job visibility through integrations with job boards and social media, ensuring you reach the right audience. 

  • Fully brandable career pages
  • Access to hundreds of platforms and channels for posting and advertising jobs
  • Distribution via referrals, social media, and other sites
  • Connection to global, local, and industry job boards
  • Translation of all content into multiple languages
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Career page builder

Your employer brand is unique and your career pages should be too. Take full control of your employee brand and create stunning career pages that genuinely connect with candidates. Design pages that enhance your brand perception and boost conversion rates, ensuring you attract the best talent.


Job postings

Take your employer brand to the next level by creating beautiful and tailored job posts that attract and convert top talents. Enhance your posts with branded designs and custom modules. Add visually appealing employee testimonials, perks and benefits, videos, timelines, and so much more.


Job advertisements

Maximise the visibility of your job postings and attract qualified candidates through our native integrations. With over 30 pre-built integrations to job boards and social media platforms across multiple countries, effortlessly reach the right audience. Share your job ad with thousands of relevant candidates with just one click.


Employee referrals

Embrace the full potential of your employee network to attract highly-qualified candidates. Get referrals from your team's professional networks, connecting your company directly with top talent.

We chose Jobylon because we wanted to have a really solid candidate experience. It should be easy to apply to our jobs and it should feel modern.

Siri Wikander, Director of People Growth, Scandic Hotels

Source & Manage

Easily find, review, manage, and interview your applicants. Connect them with hiring managers and maintain efficient communication, all while keeping your inbox clean.

  • Single view for all applications, sourced candidates, and referrals
  • Keyword search across data, attachments, and messages
  • Efficient candidate communication
  • Collaborative hiring
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn Recruiter

Applicant management

Jobylon lets you manage your applicants with custom lists or Kanban views and offers features like scorecards, advanced search, filters, automation, conversations, and much more.

Interviews & scheduling

Reduce unnecessary administration tasks by integrating Jobylon with your inbox and calendar to keep all applicant communication in one place. Easily set up 1:1, group, or video interviews. Scheduling interviews with one or a group of candidates becomes a real breeze!

Team collaboration

Simplify collaboration and enhance accountability throughout the hiring process. Add team members, manage access and permission levels, communicate, discuss and review candidates – all in one place.

Candidate communication

Improve and personalise candidate communication. Jobylon’s email and SMS-composer lets you create and schedule messages, save them as templates, and link them to specific recruitment stages, actions or rules. 


Enhance your sourcing methods with our browser extension. Add candidates to your pipeline from any webpage or social platform. Integrate data into your chosen job, streamline your workflow between LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobylon, and use employee referrals to access top talent. 


Job management

Manage your jobs with ease. We offer customisable job pipelines, tailored application processes, prebuilt job templates, enhanced visibility and sourcing, and shortcuts to save you time and ensure an efficient hiring experience.

Jobylon is a very user-friendly hiring platform and we retain full control over our recruiting processes.

Therese Sinter, Marketing & Communications Director, Sogeti

Automate & Qualify

Review more candidates in less time. Collaborate in teams, with external agencies or across regions using custom permissions. Streamline recruitment with automated workflows, while delivering personalised candidate experiences at scale. Hire confidently with assessment tests, objective scoring, unbiased recruitment, and enhanced candidate profiles. 


Hire the right candidates with certainty and precision for your organisation’s success. Our platform enables you to make informed hiring decisions with objective scoring, impartial recruitment, assessment tests and enhanced candidate profiles.

Automated workflows & rules

Simplify your hiring process with automated workflows, personalised email templates, and custom triggers. Tailor everything to your brand, account or country – whether it’s candidate communication, process-level triggers, GDPR rules, or interview scheduling. Jobylon cuts down on unnecessary administrative time by automating manual and repetitive tasks.

Online application forms

Our user- and mobile-friendly candidate forms are both easy to use and quick to complete. Create custom fields and templates for each role, function, or language, and securely collect additional information, references, case questions, and more.

Collaborate in hiring teams

Delegate and coordinate tasks with your hiring teams. Mention and assign tasks to members of your hiring team for seamless collaboration. Whether it’s setting a reminder for yourself or assigning it to a colleague, we’ve got you covered!
Jobylon offers a modern and customer-focused Applicant Tracking System. Their success team always provides fast and excellent service. As a customer, we have numerous opportunities to influence and actively participate in the ongoing development of the product.
Johan Arvas, Talent Acquisition Partner

Hire & Measure

Improve your hiring with a platform that helps you automate repetitive tasks, find the right candidates faster, and provides actionable insights to make informed decisions.


Offer letters

Get your best candidates to accept your offer faster. Generate personalised digital job offers and send them directly to candidates. Manage each step of the process in one place and decrease your time-to-hire.


Automated workflows & rules

Save time and ensure a seamless candidate experience by automating your recruitment process. Eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks and effortlessly move candidates forward efficiently. Ensure GDPR compliance by connecting custom rules for local, national or international hires.

Reports & insights

Uncover actionable insights to improve your hiring process. Use intuitive dashboards for a clear visual representation of your process improvements and KPIs. Create custom reports and dashboards, or connect your BI platform to build your own. Stay informed, share progress, and demonstrate your team’s impact on your organisation without ever using spreadsheets again.



Access jobs, candidates, applications, interviews, assessments, contracts and other data from Jobylon to build a seamless integration or connect your BI platform to build your own reporting infrastructure.

Jobylon’s ATS offers an efficient, simple and data-driven approach to hiring! The creativity and flexibility of the platform are two of the things we really value - especially in the fast-paced and rapid growth phase we are in.

Daniela Maniaci, Director Talent Acquisition

Data Protection & Privacy

We are dedicated to your and your candidates’ data protection and privacy. Expertly guided by our specialist legal team, we align our operations with evolving GDPR standards. Through strategic adjustments to our ATS, strong internal procedures, and comprehensive data protection policies, we diligently safeguard your personal data. Your privacy is our unwavering commitment.

Automate your GDPR efforts

Use our automated workflows, rules and triggers to establish custom retention rules, and deletion schedules based on your needs. Set up custom workflows for different regions to comply with local policies.

Data subject requests

We provide a dedicated portal for candidates to securely identify themselves and submit requests to you as the controller Our goal is to simplify the handling of data subjects’ requests and help our customers build trust with applicants. This gives you the power to securely manage candidate data with just a few clicks.

SSL & data encryption

All communications with our service are encrypted using industry-standard HTTPS/TLS (TLS 1.2 or higher) over public networks. We also use AES-256 key encryption for data at rest.

SSO through SAML 2.0

Manage user access across your organisation securely and conveniently using a centralised login system.  Minimise the risks of phishing, credential theft, or password reuse as users only need to trust the existing identity provider. We use single sign-on (SSO) through SAML 2.0 for added security.

Permission management

Maintain full control over use access and permissions. Set up separate accounts to apply various access policies based on your organisation, team or processes. Keep data and access separated, and create custom permissions and approval flows, including those for external members or agencies.

Data & Privacy

We safeguard your candidate data in compliance with GDPR with our advanced ATS, robust internal procedures, and stringent policies. We streamline hiring while ensuring strict compliance, making us your trusted partner in applicant tracking.

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