Qualify & Automate

Automate repetitive tasks and make better hiring decisions

Accelerate your processes on a hiring platform that streamlines administrative tasks. From personalised candidate experiences at scale, interview scheduling and qualification to offer letters, Jobylon automates processes and eliminates the need for manual tasks — so you can focus on your candidates.




Review more candidates in less time and make better hiring decisions through assessment tests, objective scoring, unbiased recruitments and enhanced candidate profiles. Work in teams, external agencies or across multiple regions with custom permissions.

  • Make faster, smarter hiring decisions
  • Find better or more candidates with bias-free recruiting 
  • Faster qualify or unqualify candidates
  • Check for references from over 1700 institutions

Bias-free evaluation

Easily hide information to focus on competencies and traits that predicate workplace success instead of being influenced by unconscious bias. Choose what information should be anonymized in your stages of the recruitment process. Get full control over when to present all the information about a candidate to the hiring team.

Feedback forms

Enrich your application with additional details to better qualify candidates. Securely collect further references, ask for video introductions or add case questions. Connect answers automatically to workflows which qualify or disqualify a candidate. Choose from a large library of fields or create your own. Save and reuse them as templates per role, function or market.
Reference checks

Reference checks

Easily gather insights from previous employers, colleagues or universities to validate and gain a deeper understanding of candidates’ professional backgrounds. Fetch reference checks from over 1700 institutions and show the results directly in your candidate's profile.



Hire the right person. Every time. De-risk all stages of the hiring journey with role-based assessments. Choose from a range of industry-leading assessment partners to evaluate candidates’ skills, knowledge, and abilities.



Automate repetitive tasks and make better hiring decisions. Streamline the recruitment process with automated workflows, rules and triggered actions for each step of the hiring stage. Create personalised candidate experiences at scale. Add custom permission sets, approval flows and data retention periods to comply with GDPR. You can also set up different workflows for different regions to comply with local policies.

  • Candidate-centric experiences at scale
  • Save time by eliminating unnecessary admin 
  • Ensure a quick and efficient process towards your candidates
  • Automate your hiring teams collaboration
  • Custom data retention actions to comply with local policies
Automate triggers & actions

Automation Triggers & Actions

Use our automated workflows, rules and triggers to set custom rules and actions based on your needs. Decide whether to send notifications, move to pipeline stages or assign candidates to another owner. You can even set up workflows to control data retention periods in order to comply with GDPR.

Personalised experiences

Create candidate-centric journeys at scale that deliver the cohesive, responsive, and personalized experiences today's candidates expect. Compose and trigger fully personalised messages via email or sms when candidates apply, become disqualified or to keep them engaged. Set up multiple rules based on your criteria, use personalisation variables and add custom delays.

Streamline interview scheduling

Scheduling interviews often take a lot of time and can be frustrating to organise. Scheduling through Jobylon improves your time to hire by allowing you to send self-schedule emails when candidates are moved to a certain stage of your hiring process.

Automate hirings teams

Simplify and automate the permission settings of your hiring teams by defining rules and assigning them to members and the type of roles. This will for example enable your Head of Sales to automatically see all Sales related roles, while your Marketing Director only gets to access matching marketing roles. Use the roles to streamline your setup and save time for manual administrative tasks.

Automated approval flows

Streamline reviewing processes and control when and of whom job postings can get published. The created jobs will automatically be sent for review to one or multiple approvers, and only get published after they have gotten approved.


Higher application rate for candidates

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Less admin time per recruiter/week


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4. Hire & Measure

Sign the best candidates fast and evaluate your hiring process.