Offer Letter Management

Get your best candidates to accept your offer faster. Generate personalised digital job offers and send them directly to candidates. Manage each step of the process in one place and decrease your time-to-hire.

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Get your best candidates to accept your offer faster.

Once you’ve decided on the best candidate, you want to move fast. Our new offer letter management empowers you to get offers out to candidates as quickly as possible and streamlines your entire process. Stand out from your competitors and easily communicate the reasons to accept the proposed offer and join your team.

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Beautiful & Branded offers in seconds

Branded offers in seconds

Accelerate hiring by helping candidates understand the total value of your offers in a personalised and visually appealing way.

Increase offer acceotance rates

Increase offer acceptance rate

Speed up and scale the sign-off process, reduce roadblocks and increase your offer acceptance rate by getting candidates to sign faster.
Delight candidates

Delightful candidate experience

Provide candidates with a personalised digital job offer tailored to their role. Highlight your benefits, culture and team to make them accept the offer.
Engage with your candidate

Engage with your candidate

Review, discuss and align between the hiring team and the candidate. Keep control of your offer details and keep all communication and updates in one place.

Measurable results, optimised TTH

Monitor your offer acceptance rate. Identify and solve roadblocks in your hiring process by finding out, what drives a higher offer acceptance rate.
GDPR compliant

GDPR-friendly offer process

Keep personal data out of inboxes and make GDPR compliance easier. Use templates, clause management, and pre-approved languages to simplify the process.

How it works

Create offer letter templates

1. Create offer letter templates

Compensation and benefits differ depending on the role. Create tailored offer letter templates for every role, function, language or geography.

Send branded and personalized job offfers

2. Send branded and personalized job offers

Once you are ready to make the best candidate an offer, move the candidate to the “Offer stage”. Create an appealing offer by selecting an offer letter template. Add or highlight any details specific to the offer (e.g. start date, salary, benefits, culture or team) and attach additional documents. Jobylon automatically populates the offer letter with your details and notifies the candidate.

Easily communicate and clear roadblocks

3. Easily communicate and clear roadblocks

Candidates can easily communicate from the offer letter with the hiring manager or recruiter, asking questions, commenting or negotiating. Adjust the offer and keep all conversations in one place.

Collect more candidate data when needed

4. Collect more candidate data when needed

Similar to an application form with screening questions, you can include custom questions that need to be answered by candidates when accepting the offer. Easily collect relevant data such as information needed for the contract signing and onboarding process. 

Track offer progress and acceptance

5. Track offer progress and acceptance

Your offers can be reviewed and accepted digitally on all devices. The recruiter, the hiring manager and other added followers will instantly receive a notification and can see the progress. Everything will be documented for your later reference.

Gain an edge on modern hiring

Accelerating your hiring process has never been easier.
Sending job offers through Jobylon contributes to:

Candidate experience

Candidate experience

Create a delightful candidate experience with a seamless and personalised offer letter process.
Employer branding

Employer branding

Ensure a consistent employer brand during the entire hiring process and create a unique candidate experience. The offer showcases not only the details but also highlights the benefits, culture and team.
Employer braHigh volumes of hires

High volumes of hires

Streamline and scale your process by reducing manual tasks. Easier sending out and managing offers, will reduce the administrative time spent on each offer. Making it possible to spend more time and resources on other recruitment tasks.
Hiring efficiency

Hiring efficiency

Working with Jobylon’s digital offer letters will make your recruitment processes more efficient and increase your time-to-offer. 
Increased acceptance rate

Increased acceptance rate

Simplifying the way to present, discuss and accept an offer will lead to higher conversion rates.
Long lead time to offer acceptance

Shorter lead time to offer acceptance

By making it easier to accept the offer the lead time will be reduced.
GDPR compliant

One platform for all

Everything will be collected and stored in Jobylon, and is not scattered in many different systems.
Effective hiring teams

Effective hiring teams

Being able to follow the process for the hiring team, will make your communication more clear and effective between you and the candidate


Keep personal candidate data out of inboxes and make GDPR compliance easier. Minimize risks and ensure accuracy with pre-approved templates, clause management and texts. Decide on who can access and send offers.

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