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Jobylon is a user friendly end to end hiring software with a unique focus on creating rich and beautiful job postings.


Easily create beautiful and mobile friendly job postings that better represents your employer brand, while enhancing the candidate experience from their first encounter.


Share and market your jobs on social media and job boards with one click to boost your awareness and get a competitive advantage with more qualified applicants.


Manage applicants with ease and collaborate with your co-workers throughout the whole recruiting process while eliminating the hassle of hiring.

Used and loved by enterprises and hiring managers all over the globe

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Why a bad candidate experience can ruin you and how to fix it

People’s opinions spread like wildfire in a matter of seconds and experiences, whether a customer’s or a candidate’s, are most likely what are being discussed. Poor encounters with your employer brand are not only unappreciated, they are also conversation starters on Twitter or a reason for getting reviewed online. The point is, these experiences matter and can either be used as an approach to help your brand glow or, in the worst case, ruin you.

2019’s ultimate employer branding trends that every recruiter should know about

HR is currently going through a prodigious transformation where there’s no alternative but to be ahead of the game. To remain relevant, your strategies need to be aligned with how people in this world behave today, but in a fast-paced world where everything is constantly changing, it can be quite a challenge. Even so, it is important to find the time to incorporate employer branding into your recruiting strategy and to keep all your noise out to the world eye-catching and highly interesting for eventual job seekers.

3 brilliant ways to make your employer brand shine on Instagram

Instagram is growing beyond measure and is today a beneficial part of many companies’ employer branding strategy. With 1 billion users worldwide, it is 2019’s go-to platform where only imagination can put a stop to what you can accomplish brand-wise.

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All businesses have their recruiting and talent management needs, as well as preferences to create their unique business value and competitive advantage. Jobylon supports and integrates seamlessly with many third-party apps and partners so that you only have to focus on what really matters.



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