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Tailored career pages that strengthen your employer brand

Craft fully branded, distinctive and compelling career pages that make a lasting impression and strengthen your employer brand.


Your employer brand is unique – your career page should be too.

Jobylon's career pages give you full control over how you are perceived as an employer online. We help you design a career page that resonates with candidates and increases conversion rates.

Examples of career pages from our customers



Blocket’s career page serves as a window into who they are as an employer. Upon visiting the site, you are welcomed by an employer branding movie and the opportunity to read more about their values.

Some of the key elements they include on their career site:

  • Facts and numbers from their business that show the impact they have on society
  • “The Blocket Way” - a description of their unique values and how they work with them
  • Stats from their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. For example, they highlight  that 47% of their leadership is female and that 28% of their workforce is over 40 years old


Stadium quickly shows what type of candidates they are looking for–people with an active lifestyle who thrive in dynamic environments. This communicates their company culture and increases their chances of attracting the right candidates.

To illustrate this and give life to the story they work with different types of content, including:

  • Two podcast episodes so candidates can hear what it’s like working at Stadium and understand their goals as an employer
  • More information about their different types of jobs, such as store, office, field, and event, ensuring that everyone gets the information they need to feel comfortable in applying for the position that is right for them
  • An FAQ section that answers common candidate questions, giving candidates the information they need to decide if Stadium is the right employer for them

Kronans Apotek

For Kronans Apotek it was important to have a distinct career page that set them apart from the crowd e. Working together, we designed it to promote their unique selling points as an employer. Apart from the career page following their graphic profile and brand, they also highlight:

  • Stories from employees from different departments sharing their experience of working at Kronans Apotek and why they find it rewarding
  • An employer branding video where employees share their views on Kronans Apotek’s higher purpose–contributing to a healthier society
  • Their four core values, highlighting what they actually mean and why they are important 


Bonava's career page really highlights their commitment to maintaining a human feel and personal touch, by featuring lots of images of their employees as well as customer projects. They present their company journey in an engaging way and include fun insights into what it's like to work at Bonava. Key elements on their career page feature include:

  • Specialised career sections and job ads in seven different languages
  • Quotes from  employees in different roles and locations 
  • A beautiful and clear intro to their company culture


Zimpler works to make payments easier to manage, and their career page perfectly reflects this emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. Their career page features: 

  • Fun and simple text animations to greet candidates
  • Highlights of their company culture and their flexible benefits
  • Job descriptions that are clearly structured, concise and to the point