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Create a compelling employer brand that stands out and attracts candidates

Jobylon makes it easier for you to communicate with candidates in a consistent way and strengthens your unique employer brand. Create beautiful on-brand job postings which are fully tailored to your employer brand and that create recognition in your target audience. From fully customisable career pages to job promotions or candidate communications, Jobylon helps you create a positive impression with your candidates. 

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Fully Branded Career Pages

Your employer brand is unique - your career pages should be too! Take full control of your employer brand and create stunning career pages that truly resonate with candidates. Everything is designed to enhance your brand perception and boost conversion rates, ensuring you attract the best talents.

  • Create multiple and custom designs for different brands, functions or roles
  • Fully customisable to your brand
  • Build custom templates
  • Multi-language ready
  • Use custom modules
  • Video support and more
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Modern job ads tailored to your brand

Extend your employer brand and create branded job ads in no time. Customise them to your needs and use custom application forms for different roles. These rich-text and mobile-friendly job ads give you complete control of your employer brand. Move past traditional, text-based job ads that are difficult to apply to and say little about why someone should work for you. 

  • On-brand, user-friendly and mobile candidate experience
  • Use your custom fonts, colours and brand assets
  • Build and use custom templates for all your brands
  • Custom job application forms
  • Collect video applications
  • Offer one-click applications
  • Add videos, timelines, employee testimonials or benefits
By presenting our open positions through beautiful and rich job postings, we’re strengthening our employer brand and making it easier than ever to send in an application to us.
Johanna Kurki, Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Consistent candidate communication across all channels

Creating a strong employer brand is all about communicating consistently across multiple channels. This applies to both content and design. This is why it’s so important that career pages and job ads are designed according to your graphic profile and follow your tonality. It also applies to all communication with candidates after they have applied.

With Jobylon, it’s easy to create email templates that give candidates a consistent impression, even after they’ve submitted an application. Email templates give HR full control over the employer brand so they don’t have to worry about the consistency of content, design, tonality, or frequency of communication with candidates.

The way our ads are designed helps us promote our employer brand, which makes it much easier for us to communicate what Hööks is to candidates. My work is also less stressful knowing that everything we publish and promote will give a great first impression to the candidates, regardless of who in the organization posts it.
Catarina Olvenmark, Head of HR

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