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Deliver a first-class candidate experience, promote your vacancies across various channels and find your ideal talent with our all-in-one talent acquisition platform.

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Career Page Builder

Your employer brand is unique–your career pages should be too. Take full control of your employer brand and create stunning career pages that resonate with candidates. Every element is designed to enhance your brand perception and boost conversion rates, ensuring you attract the top talent.

  • Create different designs for different brands, functions or roles
  • Fully customisable to fit your brand
  • Create custom templates
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Use custom modules
  • Includes video support & more

Job creation

Extend your employer brand and create branded job ads in no time. Tailor them to your needs and use custom application forms for different roles. These rich-text and mobile-friendly job ads give you complete control of your employer brand. Move past traditional, text-based job ads that are difficult to apply to and say little about why someone should work for you. Elevate your ads by adding timelines, videos, benefits and so much more.

  • On-brand, user- and mobile-friendly candidate experience
  • Build and use custom templates and application forms
  • Enable video applications
  • Offer one-click applications

Engaging job postings

Create modern job postings tailored to your brand. Add custom sections like timelines to tell the story of your organisation, employee testimonials to increase trust, or perks and benefits to showcase the full scope of your offering. Include videos to reinforce your employer brand and create templates for different roles, locations or departments to cut down on time.

Job ad templates

Leverage templates for your job ads to keep consistency and ensure quality. Let recruiters or hiring managers fill in custom forms that populate placeholder tags in your pre-defined job ad templates.
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Custom application forms

Create user-friendly application forms designed for each vacancy. Customise forms for specific roles or enable candidates to apply with LinkedIn, answer screening questions, or submit video applications.

Autofill forms with Linkedin

Save applicants time by auto-filling their contact details, profile image and more, directly from LinkedIn into your application forms.
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Job subscriptions

Alert potential talents to new job openings with email notifications. By simply adding a small script to your career page, they can easily subscribe and apply. This allows you to build a pool of potential candidates and fill your pipeline with eager candidates just waiting for the right role to open up.

Multi-language ready

Offer your career pages, application forms, feedback forms and messages in multiple languages to engage a more diverse talent pool, improve the candidate experience, and attract more applicants.

Job advertising

Increase the reach of your job vacancies to attract and engage your ideal candidates. Create job listings and advertise them to free or premium job boards, social networks, and candidate forums with a single click. Finally, no more hassle of logging in and out or copying and pasting.

  • Manage all your job ads in one place
  • Save money with our ad packages
  • Get detailed reporting for all channels
  • Post on multiple channels with a single click

Free & Paid Job Boards

Access both, free and paid job boards on popular job posting websites. You can choose from a wide range of options to reach a diverse pool of candidates that match your specific targeting options. Use free job boards or invest in paid advertising to maximise the visibility of your job postings and attract qualified candidates.

Targeted social media promotions

Enhance your recruitment with our tailored job promotions. We offer a range of free and paid promotion strategies, including targeted social media campaigns and bespoke advertising solutions, designed to amplify your company's visibility to prospective candidates.


Employee referrals

Embrace the full potential of your employee network. Get access to highly-qualified candidates who tend to join faster, stay longer, and align better with your company culture.

  • Increase your candidate reach & reduce employee turnover
  • Intuitive and simple referral process
  • Introduce or improve an employee referral program
  • Employee referral portal
  • Leadership dashboard for rewards and gamification


2. Source & Manage

Add and manage candidates and jobs smoothly and efficiently.