Data-driven recruitment

Jobylon’s recruiting software gives you the insights you need to develop and improve your hiring processes.

1. Data driven recruitment
3.Work data driven

Actionable insights, in real-time

Actionable insights build the foundation for improving and optimising your hiring process. With our dashboards and reports, it’s easy to measure and visualise your most important KPIs so you can work proactively with your hiring and attract more talent.

Smart filters give you a quick overview of how your hiring process evolves over time, so you can continue to improve it. You’ll also get insights on sources and channels so you can invest resources accordingly. 

Have specific data needs? Use our APIs to connect the data with your own reporting infrastructure to create custom dashboards and reports. 

 “Jobylon has an efficient, simple and data-driven approach to hiring that works really well with our process at Northvolt. They offer great customer service and make sure we constantly develop together - always with a smile and a positive attitude.

Daniela Maniaci
Director of Talent Acquisition


2. Share insights

Share insights and show HR’s impact

Share your most important KPIs without the need to dig through raw data or use complicated programs. Our modern dashboards show how your processes improve over time. This way, it's easy for HR and other stakeholders to stay updated, see progress, and HR’s value to the organisation.

“It was very complicated to access data in our previous system, but with Jobylon, it’s so much easier.”

Siri Wikander
Director People Growth


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