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Solve your biggest recruitment challenges

Recruitment is crucial for your organisation's success. Having the right talent on your team is vital for achieving your goals. But it can be challenging to reach and attract the right candidates, especially in a competitive job market where candidates have many excellent employers to choose from.

Questions you might have:

  • How do we reach our target group? 
  • How does our recruitment process ensure that we find the right candidate and lead to them wanting to work for us?
  • How do we keep track of applicant progress and communicate with our talent team and hiring managers?

Discover practical solutions for overcoming common hurdles and explore our platform's features that can support your initiatives.

Common Recruitment Challenges

Explore tactics and platform features to address the most common recruitment challenges valued by other customers.

Attracting the right talent

Reach your target audience and convert them into interested candidates.

This challenge has various aspects. If you're not connecting with the right audience, it could be due to unclear job requirements or not using the right channels to promote the job. Potential candidates can also be put off by poor employer branding or messaging that does not align with their preferences. 


  • Define your employer brand: People don’t apply to companies – they apply to brands. When deciding where to work, candidates care about more than just salary, but also about the organisation's culture and values. This means a strong employer brand is more vital than ever. Use the right tools and messaging to tell your company’s story and stand out from the competition. 
  • Targeted social media ads: Enhance your recruitment efforts with our personalised job promotions. We offer a variety of free and paid promotion strategies to amplify your company's visibility to potential candidates. This includes targeted social media campaigns and bespoke advertising solutions.
  • Localise your content: Attract a more diverse talent pool by offering your career pages, application forms, and messages in multiple languages. This will improve the candidate experience and attract more applicants. 

Communicating your employer brand

Identify your candidate value proposition and communicate it on the right platform.

The initial obstacle could be a lack of awareness of your candidate value proposition (CVP) – what makes your offer attractive to candidates. Even if you’re aware of these unique aspects, you might not be able to include them in your job ads. Additionally, not having the right platforms, such as a career page, might prevent you from communicating these points to potential candidates. 


  • Share your employer brand: Use your job ads, website, social media profiles, and career pages to tell your brand story and what makes your company unique. Highlight the company values and culture that resonate with your employees and potential applicants. 
  • Social media campaigns: Social media is an important part of employer branding strategies. Run social media campaigns to make applicants aware of your company and the values you stand for. 

Crafting appealing ads

Advertise open positions with ads that attract your target audience.

Today, many job “ads” often miss the mark in promoting the position or the employer. They can become mere lists of candidate requirements. Weak ad copy and communication can result in a competency profile and deter applicants from applying.


  • Job templates: Design job ads that resonate with your target audience. Customise the ad to fit the role, function, and industry. Save these as templates to save time and stay on brand.
  • Approval flows: Involve communication and brand teams in the ad creation process to make sure your ads effectively promote the position and company. Easily add teams to your approval process to avoid publishing ads that don't match your brand or values.


Streamlining application forms

Design application forms that lead to candidates actually applying.

In a competitive job market, expecting too much from candidates in application forms can lower completion rates and conversion. It can be a challenge to strike the right balance between gathering essential information for informed screening decisions and putting off candidates with excessive demands.


  • Easy application forms: Create candidate-friendly application forms. Customise your forms for each vacancy or create forms where candidates can apply through LinkedIn, with screening questions, or by submitting a video.
  • Candidate forms: Simplify the application process and increase conversion by gathering basic information upfront. You can automate the collection of additional data for later stages of the process.

Broadening candidate outreach

Reach active and passive candidates.

Many companies have yet to realise the potential of non-traditional applicant sources like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. By sticking to the usual channels, you could overlook chances to engage with candidates on emerging platforms.


  • Social media promotions and campaigns: Reach new audiences with social media campaigns. Our free and paid promotion strategies can amplify your company's visibility to potential candidates. 
  • Easy integrations to publish on job boards: Use both free and paid job boards on popular job posting sites. Pick from a wide range of options to reach a diverse candidate pool, while still targeting your candidate profile. Opt for free boards or invest in paid ads to enhance job post visibility and draw in qualified candidates.
  • Social sourcing with browser extension: Broaden your candidate search using our Google Chrome browser extension. Easily source and add candidates from websites like LinkedIn and GitHub. The extension will automatically gather candidate details and forward them to your chosen job posting.  

Hiring fast(er)

Avoid unnecessary costs caused by bottlenecks in your recruitment processes and internal communication.

Inefficient processes and weak internal communication can cause hiring bottlenecks. This can result in lengthy recruitment timelines, negative candidate experiences, candidate withdrawals, and extra costs that could have been avoided. 


  • Candidate pools: Unleash the potential of candidates you haven’t hired yet. Tag and save candidates from previous hiring processes or unsolicited applications. Later, search your candidate database to create a talent pool of suitable prospects already interested in joining your organisation.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Integration (RSC): Work seamlessly between LinkedIn Recruiter and our platform to find qualified candidates faster. Access information when and where you need it without switching between platforms. Search and message candidates across Jobylon and LinkedIn, view profiles, InMail history, and send messages with ease.
  • Employee referral portal: Tap into your employees' networks to reach skilled candidates. Simplify the process for employees to refer top talents for specific departments or roles.

Optimising recruitment processes

Eliminate as much admin as possible.

Manual processes, inefficient internal communication, and outdated paperwork can drag down your hiring processes. Excessive administrative tasks can take away valuable time from hiring managers and teams to engage with candidates and create a positive candidate experience.  


  • Templates: Simplify and speed up job postings with reusable job ad templates. Save time while ensuring alignment with your brand and guidelines. Repurpose common details and tailor the appearance of your job ads based on specific roles, functions, or titles.
  • Integrations: Explore our integrations to simplify your workflows and connect your HR technology, including assessment test providers, reference checks, e-signing, and HRM platforms.
  • Feedback forms: Provide your hiring teams with interview templates or scorecards for candidate assessment. Standardise the hiring process by saving these forms as templates for specific roles, functions, or markets.
  • Offer letters: Once you’ve decided on the best candidate, you want to move fast. Our offer letters help you get offers out quickly to candidates, streamlining your entire process. You can easily communicate the reasons for accepting the offer and joining your company.

Using data to improve hiring decisions

Access the data you need to make informed decisions about your recruitment processes.

Many companies rely on intuition when making decisions. Without easy access to the right data, it is hard to know what choices will actually enhance your hiring processes and where to allocate resources. 


  • Candidate loss: Easily access crucial KPIs without sifting through complex data or using complicated tools. Our user-friendly dashboards display vital information and track reasons for candidate withdrawal or process discontinuation.

  • Analytics and reporting: Actionable insights are key to improving and optimising your hiring processes. With our dashboards and reports, it’s easy to measure and visualise your most important KPIs so you can work proactively with your hiring and attract more talent.
  • Anonymous questions: Gather sensitive data from candidates while keeping the answers secret from specific teams or at different stages in the process. This will allow you to aggregate demographic data and access it when it is important to your organisation. 

Creating a positive candidate experience

Leave candidates with a good impression at each step in the process.

Every step of the recruitment process contributes to the candidate's experience and perception of your company. Various aspects – poorly worded job ads, complicated application forms, and poor communication – can deter candidates from applying or perceiving your company negatively. 


  • Appealing job ads: Create modern job postings tailored to your brand. Add custom sections, like timelines to tell a story, employee testimonials that increase trust, or highlight perks and benefits to show the full scope of your offering. Use videos to support your employer brand and create templates for different purposes.
  • Easy application forms: Create candidate-friendly application forms. Customise your forms for each vacancy or create forms where candidates can apply through LinkedIn, with screening questions, or by submitting a video.
  • Personalised experiences: Craft candidate-centric journeys at scale, providing the seamless, tailored experiences modern candidates anticipate. Send individualised messages through email or SMS when applicants apply, become disqualified, or to maintain communication. Set up triggers and add custom delays based on your criteria.
  • Automated emails: Easily set up automatic follow-up emails that are sent at different stages of the process. This ensures candidates receive necessary information without recruiters or managers investing much time or effort. You can also set up notifications to remind you if a candidate hasn't been contacted recently, so no candidate is forgotten.

Promoting diversity and mitigating bias

Create diverse and inclusive teams. 

A thriving workforce embraces diversity. But achieving diversity requires a hiring process that attracts various candidates and a screening process that reduces bias.


  • Anonymous recruitment: Reduce bias by concealing details and concentrating on qualities that predict workplace success. Choose what information should be anonymised during different stages of the recruitment process. Get full control over when to share all candidate information with the hiring team.
  • Customised dashboards: Use and share essential KPIs and data relevant to your organization. Show the progress of your results over time while making it easy for HR and other crucial stakeholders to stay updated, collaborate, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Tailor these dashboards for the specific insights you need.

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