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Embodying a happiness-culture might sound like nothing more but a groundless hype. Or an ingenious way to create the company culture of the future? Whichever lens you’re looking through, let us dive a little bit deeper into why we decided to embrace a happiness-culture at Jobylon and what that means for us in our everyday work-life. 

For us at Jobylon, happiness essentially means maximising the potential of each individual and creating a culture where they feel relevant and have an impact. But instead of using goals as a ruling measurement for success, we like to talk about which clear direction the company is headed towards. If the direction is clear and we can create a culture where each individual feels they have a mandate to take initiatives and decisions - it results in a happy workforce. And a happy workforce will generate results far beyond any goals you could have imagined to set.

In order to truly embody a happiness-culture we also make sure to discuss our core values; (passion for People, passion for product and passion for Business) frequently, something that more often than not results in various initiatives related to happiness. To get a more in dept idea of what a happiness-culture can look like, here’s a few examples of how it’s manifested in our workdays: 


Our famous (or, not so famous) Happiness tax

What a Happiness tax basically means is that a small portion of all our sales goes into a happiness tax where Jobylonians can vote for any idea as long as over 50% of our Jobylonians vote yes. This has led us to sauna boats, crayfish parties and almost an office robot. But the whole point of it is simply to ensure that happiness isn’t just a statement but something that penetrates into our everyday work life. 


Remote friendly culture 

If working remotely makes people happy, it’s reasonable within their role and they are able to do their work - for us, it’s a win-win! The office still plays a big role but in the form of a hub to enable collaboration and hanging out rather than a place where you stamp in and out. We’re all about creating an environment where each can and are encouraged to be their full self and use their full potential. Regardless of whether that is from the office or Brazil. Something that has increased both the level of productivity and happiness amongst our Jobylonians💙



Since our team is distributed all around the world, we invite everyone to a yearly J-cation (read: workaction) to a big house somewhere in the world to work, hang, explore together! It’s important for us that everyone, no matter what corner of the world they’re working from, get the chance to connect in real life. Something that was put on pause due to the pandemic but in 2022, we’re off again! Guess where?



To truly create a people-first culture, we have to create a transparent environment where employees feel safe enough to make their voice heard. A 1on1 for us is a monthly meeting between the manager and employee that always starts with “how’s life?”. A meeting completely owned by the employee where a lot of our new happiness-initiatives are born and two-way street feedback is exchanged. As much as it’s about giving and receiving feedback, it’s also about creating a space to connect beyond our to-do lists and deadlines. 



A happiness-culture for us is a healthy company where everyone dares to speak their mind and essentially an environment where each person can grow and use their potential. Instead of just focusing on the next goal, mission or challenge, we make sure to enjoy the present and ensure that we remain a human-centric focus so that employees feel like they’re an exchange of long lasting value from both ends. 

Are you interested in learning more about our happiness culture? Make sure to grab a ticket for HR-dagarna 2021 where our CEO Aref Abedi is speaking upon how cultivating a happiness culture drives a successful company.

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