How Jobylon enabled aTalent Recruiting to streamline their recruitment process

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Laura Isosomppi is the Recruitment Director of aTalent Recruiting, a recruitment agency with its headquarters in Finland. aTalent is owned by the alumni and student organizations of Aalto University and the agency helps companies to recruit, develop and attract professionals. In an interview with Laura, she tells us how Jobylon’s flexible ATS simplified and streamlined their recruitment process. 

As a recruitment director, Laura leads a team of 30 professionals and ensures that their recruitment operations run smoothly and are of high quality to match the needs of talents and their clients. Many of aTalents clients are tech companies and vary from startups to larger corporations, she continues.


 – We help our clients find mainly specialist and manager roles for different kinds of tech positions. We often recruit developers, but also marketing, project managers as well as HR and finance positions. 

Needed to find a suitable partner

In every recruitment, aTalent aims to offer a positive candidate experience for their applicants and give everyone a chance to get personal feedback to help them in their job search and careers. This is when Jobylon came into the picture, Laura says.

– Before we were using our developed recruitment system, we started wondering if it really was the best solution for us. Tech isn’t our core business, so we wanted to find a better system developed by a company with tech at its core.

Their own developer at the time was also leaving the company and aTalent quickly needed to replace their current recruitment solution, preferably one that they didn’t have to develop on their own.

– We were looking for a flexible and customized system to fit our needs. After conducting a market research and looking into different applications, Jobylon seemed like the best fit for us. 

The result: A flexible and customisable solution

With Jobylon, aTalent can tailor each job advertisement they publish for their client, to better fit their needs. 

– This means we can include the company’s own brand and logos as well as all the relevant information to promote our clients in a better way, Laura says.

Laura appreciates the fact that her recruiters have all the relevant information gathered in one place throughout the screening process.

– Jobylon is very easy to use from a user perspective, with intuitive menus and functionalities. With Jobylon, we have a good overview of all the ongoing recruitment processes and the information of each applicant, which helps our recruiters stay up to date and be organized.

Functionality and efficiency

She especially mentions the possibility to follow up on conversations and notes within the recruitment system. 

– Another good function is how easy it is to communicate with applicants. We can see the message history and leave notes, which is very helpful if for example one of our recruiters are on sick leave, then someone else can continue right where their colleague left off. The visual side of the recruitment system is also a nice bonus. 

aTalent is pleased to have Jobylon as their partner and have seen many positive results emerge from the partnership, Laura continues. 

– The system has always worked well even though our volume of job posts that we publish as well as the number of applicants has doubled since the first time we used it. Jobylon has been able to keep up and has therefore enabled us to grow by helping us become more effective and save time. 

A long-term partnership

Laura has received positive feedback on their current recruitment process and the use of Jobylon’s system both internally and externally. 

– Our applicants have actually reached out to us and thanked us for our smooth recruitment process and particularly the “schedule an interview” feature. Internally, our colleagues have said that they are very pleased with the customer service of Jobylon is efficient and they always get answers quickly. 

In conclusion, the collaboration has been a success so far and will continue for the foreseeable future, Laura finishes.

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