How to nurture your employer brand during a recession

Sebastian Scheuer Employer branding Video


As we’re witnessing a hiring freeze globally, it’s easy to believe that we should cut off our employer branding efforts completely. But there’s a lot to gain if we learn how to navigate an uncertain hiring landscape by shifting our strategies. How can we turn times of crisis into an opportunity for us to preserve and nurture our employer brand? 

Let us help you to get ahead of the recession and implement more affordable tactics and join our next webinar with Charles Sinclair, Head of Employer branding at Oddwork to learn more about

  1. How the employer branding function can leverage the slow hiring landscape and gain more advantage and influence in the C-suite
  2. What we can learn from companies that successfully maintained their employer brand during a crisis  
  3. How to proactively persevere and nurture your employer brand in cost-effective ways

Save your seat today and join us for a session with top peers in your region to learn more about the top tactics to stay ahead of a recession.

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