4 misconceptions about working remotely

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Working remotely doesn’t actually mean you’re working? That’s legit speculation coming from many employers out there. Although remote work is challenging in its own ways, it also comes with endless benefits that you might not have thought about. Let’s break 4 common misconceptions, one by one!

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1. It decreases your productivity 

Studies have shown that this statement is *drums”… false. A 2-year Stanford Study did not only show that remote work increases productivity, but it also resulted in fewer sick days and lower employee attrition. Although, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Employees associate “the office” with a lot of different things. For some, it’s loud and over-stimulating whilst for others, it’s the only place where they can manage to get things done. Just as it can be ineffective having an employee in the wrong position, it can certainly turn out the same if someone who isn’t suitable for remote work, gets to work remotely. To sum it up; it increases productivity but that doesn’t mean remote work is for everyone.

2. Remote work equals loneliness 

It doesn’t have to! Working remotely allows you to be more flexible in terms of social life. Many people even choose to work remotely to spend MORE time with their friends and family by cutting out commute time etc. But if you’re still unsure, here are some ideas from the top of my head to reduce eventual feelings of loneliness while working remotely: 

  • Find FB groups focusing on people who also work remotely and connect from there
  • Check out a co-working space in your area and go for a trial-day
  • Implement virtual lunches with your colleagues (especially recommending this in a time of pandemics) 
  • Have video meetings instead of calls, seeing faces spark something in us that phone call doesn’t

3. You’re not growing professionally

Let me remind you that times are changing! We’re past the era where we have to be physically present to grow professionally. If managers out there can run entirely remote teams, then there is surely room to grow! Conferences, courses, mentorship, leadership training – it’s all doable virtually. All it takes is an open mind. Just as you would have had training with your manager, you might as well do it through a video call. It all really boils down to what you prefer in terms of professional development. 

4. Employers don’t gain anything from it 

So the short answer to this is – yes! How does saving $11,000 annually per person by letting your employees work from home sound? There’s a lot to gain from letting your employees work remotely. As many as 95% of employees say that remote work has had a major impact on their employee retention. If that wasn’t enough, allowing remote work to some extend also means your expanding your candidate pool AND keeping your employees for longer.  Because, giving your employees the freedom to choose where to work does result in people sticking around for longer, and more importantly: they’re happier! Happier employees certainly lead to better revenue as well. 

Just to highlight one positive aspect of the corona-crisis; is a great catalyst to get more companies to allow remote work to some extend. But, I didn’t picture the “future of work” revolution would be triggered by a virus. I’m excited to see what effects these months of quarantine will have on companies – one thing I know is that nothing will stay the same – especially not the way we used to work. 

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