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Transforming Candidate Experience:
4 Strategies for Purpose-Driven Employer Branding

When: Wednesday, September 6th 2023 | 10.00 am
Where: On-demand video

Why you should join:

In today's competitive recruitment landscape, ping-pong tables and free breakfasts alone aren't enough to impress top talent.

Candidates seek a genuine connection with a company's values, and need to be able to envision themselves as part of the team. Purpose goes beyond shaping company culture — it's a vital factor in effective pre-joining communication.

In this webinar, we’ll explore practical strategies to infuse purpose into your employer brand and tailor communication to attract specific talent profiles throughout the candidate journey.

Join us as we listen to employer branding experts Benjamin Kesler, Dorotea Gawek, and Karin Bergström share their valuable insights and best practices for building a powerful and authentic employer brand. 

What you will learn:

  • How to seamlessly integrate your organization's purpose into your brand
  • How to leverage HR-tech to optimize candidate engagement
  • How to establish trust and fostering deep engagement at every stage of the candidate journey
  • How to measure the impact of purpose-driven employer branding on business outcomes 

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Join us for an exciting webinar with inspiring discussions.
Dorotea Gawek capgemini

Dorotea Gawek

Head of Employer Branding at Capgemini
Dorotea leads the impressive employer branding work at Capgemini. She will share her best tips and tricks, as well as insights from a long career within employer branding.

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Benjamin Kesler

Benjamin Kesler

CEO and co-founder at Local Glimpse
Benjamin is a bonafide employer branding expert. Not only is he leading the way to best practice through his own employer branding agency, but he is also a prominent keynote speaker and masterclass host.

Local Glimpse
Karin Bergström Jobylon

Karin Bergström

VP People & Culture at Jobylon
While Karin's role spans wider than employer branding, it is a core focus for Jobylon both internally and together with customers. Karin will share insights from her own work, as well as share specific focus areas where clients often struggle.

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  • Early access to our brand-new report Transform your talent attraction: The Purpose-driven Employer Branding Guide
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  • Extra material to help you succeed with your employer branding work

Our employer branding guide is not released yet, but make sure to take a look at our recent report on Talent Scarcity while you're here! 

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