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When Finn was faced with having to recruit a number of new staff in order to continue its growth, it realised it had to make the recruitment process smoother and enhance the user experience. That was when Finn enlisted the help of Jobylon – and in this article Frida Badenfors, HR Advisor, Recruitment & Employer Branding, explains how their recruitment process is now smoother thanks to our tool.

Finn can be described as the Norwegian equivalent of the Swedish online marketplace Blocket, and the website consists of a portal of several marketplaces, as Frida explains.


“Finn is a strong, well-known brand in Norway, and it plays an important role for many people. As we are a marketplace for essentially everything you can imagine, a large number of people use us on many different occasions during their lives, such as when they get their first apartment, job or car,” says Frida Badenfors, HR Advisor, Recruitment & Employer Branding at Finn.

Frida explains that a few years ago Google was barely needed in Norway, as you could find just about everything on Finn. In addition to buying and selling everyday items, Finn is also a marketplace for used cars, advertising homes for sale or rent, and booking travel, as well as a job portal for both employers and job applicants. She describes the workplace and culture that prevails at Finn as very friendly, innovative and engaging.

“We’re a group of people with a great sense of humour and we have a lot of fun together. We’ve set ambitious targets for growth that we’re working towards as a team, but we make sure we take the time to have fun along the way.”

The company’s headquarters are in Oslo, which is also where most of its employees work. In addition, Finn has a smaller branch at Schibstedt in Poland where some of the company’s developers work, explains Frida.

“At present, there are 450 employees, a figure that is steadily growing. Last year we took on over 70 new people. To some extent, our recruitment needs have consisted of replacing existing employees who have gone on parental leave, for example, but over and above that we’ve also taken on a lot of new employees as the business has grown.”

Significant recruitment needs

In other words, Finn had a significant need to reach out to the right kind of candidates to be able to keep growing, according to Frida. That resulted in Finn wanting to develop its recruitment process, which included adopting a more stylish layout for its job ads, and identifying new ways to enhance the user experience, both internally for management and for the candidates.

“Previously we had a recruitment system that wasn’t intuitive and that failed to meet our needs. We needed a better search process for our managers and a system where we could also involve the management and those of us working with HR in the process. The ability to get an overview of where the candidates are in the process, and to create a stylish layout for job ads, were the most important aspects as far as we were concerned,” says Frida.

Finn wanted to move away from slow recruitment processes and long application forms that candidates need to fill in, and instead focus on the key factors. That was the background to the partnership with Jobylon, as Frida explains.

“After our partner Schibstedt, which also uses the tool, recommended Jobylon to us, we arranged a meeting with them to learn more. We immediately felt that they were right for us and so quickly decided to get things up and running.”

A smoother, transparent process

Finn has now been using Jobylon’s recruitment tool for three years, and has seen a number of positive results. It’s not just the layout of the job ads that’s more stylish and uniform. The process too is smoother for both candidates and managers, according to Frida.

“Our recruiting managers now have a much better overview of the recruitment process because Jobylon is user-friendly, easy to use and very straightforward. It’s much easier for our managers to get involved in the process and get all the information they need, even if they have not been involved in recruitment for a while.”

In addition, Finn’s process is better structured overall and saves time that would otherwise be spent on administration. Publishing job ads takes less time, and they connect with candidates in a completely different way.

“Now all our candidates have to do is fill in their name, e-mail address and a LinkedIn link, making the whole process much easier for candidates and for our recruiting managers. We really feel that’s an advantage when it comes to attracting candidates, as it means that we come across as a more flexible, agile employer,” says Frida.

Always direct, easy dialogue

Frida also points out that she appreciates the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the recruitment process through data and statistics.

“We can easily produce key data and information that we need, giving us greater insight and a better understanding of how our recruitment processes are going and how we can develop them,” she says.

When Finn comes across something that they need help with, feedback is always available fast,” Frida says. Thanks to all this, the cooperation with Jobylon is viewed as a long-term partnership.

“We’re completely satisfied with our partnership. We can always get feedback from their support function, and the dialogue is always easy and direct. We can ask them virtually anything,” concludes Frida Badenfors.

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