3 brilliant ways to make your employer brand shine on Instagram

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Instagram is growing beyond measure and is today a beneficial part of many companies’ employer branding strategy. With 1 billion users worldwide, it is 2019’s go-to platform where only imagination can put a stop to what you can accomplish brand-wise.

So let’s talk about what’s on the horizon in terms of employer branding on Instagram and how you can use your account in the most optimal way to stand out as an employer. Using Instagram to attract and show off culture is already a frequently used strategy by enterprise companies such as Spotify and Microsoft. Not only will it strengthen your brand and engage future job seekers, but it is also a great way to reach passive candidates.

1. Preparation time

Just uploading posts and hoping for the best will only take you so far. Make sure you have set a content strategy that is in alignment with your values and purpose before starting posting. Knowing who you are as an employer online includes the whole package, all the way from picking a relevant username to finding your own unique style of writing and, most importantly, posting content that is actually relevant, interesting, and has a purpose.

Another thing to have in mind is Instagram’s sidekick – IG stories. This is an underestimated yet powerful channel for capturing the most spontaneous moments or for live streaming events. Don’t forget to save the best ones as a highlight, which will be seen on your page. With features like “polling stickers”, you can easily ask a question where your followers are able to vote. Perfect for interacting with your future candidate!

Here’s what it can look like:

2. The content goodie bag

Your most important asset will always be your employees. They are your representatives and voices out in the world and should be a central part of your branding strategy on Instagram. Let me show you 3 useful strategies:

Promote your employees in a way that doesn’t feel forced and gives a sense of the diversity of the company. Asanais a brilliant example of how to capture your employees in a way that gives them character, maintains interest and showcases diversity in a creative way.


Secondly, consistency builds brand awareness and is an effective way to keep your followers updated and interested. Why not implement weekly takeovers or Friday chats with an employee? Here’s one of my weekly updates from our Jobylon page, where I’m sharing my journey as a traveling digital nomad.



Lastly, let everyone know what’s going on behind the scenes! Klarna definitely knows how this is done. Through their account @lifeatklarna they are giving us a sneak-peak into their working culture and yummy behind-the-scenes content while still keeping it real, employee-focused and authentic.



3. Interact with your audience and tell your story

Let’s not underestimate the power of interaction. Establishing relationships takes time and building employer branding on social media is about showing up, over and over again. It’s about humanizing your brand and going deeper than the facts you might have on your “about us” page.

Here’s your ultimate chance to share your story. Being a storyteller gives you the opportunity to step out of the crowd and let the world know what makes you unique as an employer. People want to get a taste of how genuine you are and feel like they can resonate with you. Connect with your followers through the commenting section and let them engage with your posts by conversation-starting content.

According to the Social Bakers report, Instagram can generate 4 times more interaction than Facebook, which makes it the perfect channel to cultivate relationships with future employees.

Interested in digging a little deeper into authentic employer branding? We’ll be happy to help! Don’t hesitate to send us an email at sofia@jobylon.com

Sofia Lindman

I'm Sofia! A peanut butter brownie lover, +4 years traveling digital nomad, and the Content & Brand Marketing manager at Jobylon. With an underlying passion to elevate from the industrial age thinking, I love to inspire companies to create a modern, more autonomous workspace that resonates with the future workforce and create a new narrivate around what it means to work.

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