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Revolutionising Recruitment:
How to optimise your recruitment strategies

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Join us as we discuss 3 powerful recruitment strategies to implement during challenging times, empowering you to succeed in 2024!

In our latest report, we uncovered seven emerging trends that may impact your prioritisation for 2024. Now, join us for a round table event where we will equip you with practical strategies to adapt and thrive in the current climate.

We’ve invited a panel of three industry experts who will share their expertise, reveal their best practices, and guide you through mastering these strategies:

- Malin Freiman Moezzi
, former Head of People Science at Asker Technologies
- Simon Fjellner, Global Lead Employee Performance and Engagement at Securitas Group
- Gergely Hasko, experienced Technical Recruiter at Remote

What you will learn:

1. Practical AI & Automation: We’ll move beyond the buzz surrounding AI and look at its practical integration into your daily work life. Discover available tools and learn how to apply them—from managing small manual tasks to strategizing for larger, more complex processes.

2. Cost-effective employer branding: Is investing in employer branding worthwhile during times of constraint, and where should you focus your efforts? Our experts will equip you with the strategies to authentically resonate with your audience and potential talent in a cost-effective way. 

3. New ways to reduce bias in recruitment: How do we ensure a fair and inclusive candidate experience? Bias in hiring practices does not only limit diversity in the workplace; it can also lead to increased turnover. We’ll walk you through concrete steps and tools to use in order to cultivate an environment where every candidate has an equitable chance to showcase their skills and potential.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and cultivate a future-proof recruitment strategy. 

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Join us for an exciting webinar with inspiring discussions.

Simon Fjellner

Global Lead Employee Performance and Engagement at Securitas Group


Malin Moezzi

Lic. Psychologist and Former Head of People Science at Asker


Gergely Hasko

Technical Recruiter at Remote

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