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Navigating 2024's Recruitment Trends

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Your hands-on guide to mastering seven crucial recruitment priorities

In this comprehensive report, we reveal seven crucial industry priorities and how to seamlessly integrate them into your recruitment strategy.

We’ve collected actionable insights from global HR professionals, sharing their best practices to navigate, adapt to, and effectively incorporate these priorities within your company's strategy.

What to expect:

  • Insightful guidance: Seasoned HR experts offering a roadmap for seamless implementation of these 7 priorities.
  • Action-oriented approach: Learn practical steps—not just theory—to integrate these priorities into your recruitment playbook.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Don’t just hear about priorities—learn to work with them! Equip yourself with the tools to supercharge your recruitment strategy and excel in 2024.

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Featured experts

In this report, you'll find in-depth commentary from the following HR and recruitment experts:


Hung Lee

Chief Curator at Recruiting Brainfood


Kajsa Kurtsson

Head of People & Culture at Quickbutik

Elena Aylott

Elena Aylott

People-and-Communications Executive, Founder and CEO of Aylott Group consultancy, former VP Global Communications & Employee Experience at Oriflame


Gergely Hasko

Tech Recruiter at Remote

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  • Learn from industry leaders from across different industries and companies
  • Unwrap strategies and insights to overcome challenges in talent acquisition
  • Gain actionable takeaways and recommendations to excel in the ever-evolving recruitment landscape of 2024

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