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Optimising the talent attraction strategy:
Hiring challenges for Dutch companies in 2023

Explore how an applicant tracking system will help you overcome some of your biggest hiring challenges.


How do you overcome common recruiting challenges in the Netherlands?

The competition to attract top talent in the Netherlands has never been more heated - nor as difficult as it is today. Recruiters today need to be creative, innovative, and tech-savvy to deliver on their jobs, as expectations from both candidates and businesses are constantly changing and increasing. Apart from acting as administrators of the hiring process, best-in-class talent acquisition professionals need to think strategically, use cutting-edge technology and new methods to attract the best talent and offer them an amazing recruitment experience. 

Recruiting and HR are still undergoing a transformational journey and it's a full-time job to be kept in the loop. How can implementing an applicant tracking system help you overcome some of your biggest hiring challenges in the Netherlands?

In this report, we will walk you through 5 of the most crucial challenges and how an ATS can help you beat these, one by one. 

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  • Create a job ad that will wake your applicants’ interest
  • Reach the right candidates
  • Embrace data-driven recruitment while keeping it human
  • Offer a first-class candidate experience
  • Handle the hiring process in a 
    GDPR-compliant way

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