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Responsible AI:
Transforming HR and Recruitment

In the age of AI, it is easy to get swept away by the possibilities. HR and recruitment teams have already seen time efficiency, cost reduction, and increased candidate experience as some of the many positives of implementing AI.

But with great opportunities, comes great responsibility.

While it's tempting to be swept away by the wonders of AI, we cannot overlook its potential pitfalls. How do we harness its power to the fullest while safeguarding against its drawbacks?

Together with a truly inspiring group of speakers, we attempt to leave no AI stone unturned in a quest to figure out how to use AI in recruitment in a responsible way.

What you will learn:

  • What are the implications for bias, ethics, and the validity of our recruitment methods when we incorporate AI into selection and decision-making processes?

  • How does the use of AI affect the candidate experience over time, and what happens to the candidate/employer relationship when both sides make use of AI?
  • How can you make informed choices to ensure that your company and candidate data is safe in a generative AI environment?

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What to watch:

Keynote speeches:

Staying human in the Age of AI
Rocío Bachmaier - Atlan AI

Ethical AI: using the FAIR framework
Sarah Kopinsky - Sapia.ai

AI in Recruitment: Friend or foe?
Alex Tidgård - Grooo


Panel discussion:

Responsible AI in recruitment and HR
Featuring Mathias Ahrian from Tengai, Rianne Jellema from Scotty AI, Simon Werner-Zenkl from Trustcruit, and Per Tjernberg from Pipelabs


Join these inspiring speakers for an afternoon of inspiration, insights, and hands-on learning on Responsible AI:

Sarah Kopinsky

Principal CSM at Sapia.ai

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Alex Tidgård

CEO at Grooo


Mathias Ahdrian

Head of Sales at Tengai

Tengai Logo

Rianne Jellema

Head of Customer Success at Scotty AI

Scotty Logo

Rocío Bachmaier

CEO and Founder of Atlan Insights, AI Advisor and Speaker


Per Tjernberg

CEO and co-founder of Pipelabs

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Simon Werner-Zankl

CEO and Founder of Trustcruit


Tove Hernlund


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