From the Information Age to the Imagination Age: HR’s Role in the AI Transformation

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The following is a summary of the keynote delivered by Rocío Bachmeier from Atlan AI, during our event titled "Responsible AI: Transforming HR and Recruitment". You can watch their entire talk on the Jobylon stage by following this link

Before diving into the details of AI's impact on recruitment, the elephant in the room must be addressed: the fear that AI will replace human jobs. It’s a concern that many have or at least heard before, and understandably so. The unknown can be daunting, but history has shown  that technological advancements often create new opportunities rather than eliminate them. 

From the Information Age to the Imagination Age

To understand the impact of AI on HR, we need to first grasp the concept of the information age. Think back to the dot-com boom and the dawn of the internet era. Suddenly, we had access to vast amounts of data, revolutionising how we operated. Analytical skills became essential as we processed and made use of this newfound plethora of information.

Now, fast forward to the present day, where we find ourselves on the cusp of the imagination age. With AI entering the scene, we’re transitioning from merely accessing data to unlocking knowledge. AI acts as a facilitator, connecting the dots and democratizing expertise.

In this new era, operational efficiency is key. Automation streamlines execution, making tasks more accessible and cost-effective. But what sets businesses apart? What sets an individual employee apart? It’s no longer just about analytical skills; it’s about fostering innovation and generating unique ideas.

Rocio 2"HR is really going to act as the pivotal, incredible agent that can support the AI transformation in business."

- Rocío Bachmeier, CEO and Founder at Atlan Insights

Staying human in an AI-enabled future

As we move into the imagination age, certain human qualities take centre stage. Empathy, creativity, and curiosity become the driving forces behind innovation. These qualities, while valuable in the past, are now more essential than ever as we shift towards roles that require deep human collaboration.

Shape your own role

HR will play an important part in helping others shape their own role in an AI future. They can empower teams and employees to define what their next role will look like. 

 Three key recommendations to shaping your own future:

  1. Embrace and supervise AI: AI will automate many tasks, but humans must oversee its application. Provide AI training for your teams to ensure they can maximise its value.
  2. Make space for innovation: Dedicate time for innovation and exploration. Encourage your teams to experiment with new ideas and engage with diverse perspectives.
  3. Be curious about others: As HR leaders, how do you embed curiosity in your teams and the culture of the company? Use techniques from design thinking that encourage people to be more empathic and self-reflective. 


AI is here to stay. Embrace the opportunities and make space as individuals and as teams to innovate and learn more about the transformative power of AI. HR leaders have a pivotal role to play in this transition from the information to the imagination age and should lean into their roles as change agents by fostering work cultures defined by human qualities of innovation, curiosity and empathy.

You can watch Rocío’s full keynote presentation below: 


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