Ethical AI in Recruitment: A Comprehensive Framework

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The following is a summary of the keynote delivered by Sarah Kopinsky from, during our event titled "Responsible AI: Transforming HR and Recruitment". You can watch their entire talk on the Jobylon stage by following this link

AI is transforming the recruitment process. Companies will need to adapt and find ways to leverage these changes effectively.  Embracing AI confidently and proactively is essential for staying competitive, especially in the assessment landscape. A simple, yet powerful framework can guide organisations in integrating AI responsibly and inclusively.

Addressing Misconceptions

A common misconception is viewing AI as an uncontrollable entity. However, AI is fundamentally about data. And what is true about data is that it can be biased, it can be measured, and we can de-bias it. By using clean, unbiased language data, we can avoid pitfalls associated with human or third-party data.

Key Considerations for AI Implementation

  1. Data source and accuracy: Always question the origin of your data. “Where is your data coming from?” is a critical question for any organization. Ensuring data accuracy, reliability, and transparency is paramount. Do you understand how your AI is working and what you want it to accomplish? 

  2. Explainability: This is about simplicity and clarity. “Can I explain it to my team? Can I explain it to my boss?” If the AI’s processes and decisions aren’t easily explainable, it might not be the right fit.

  3. Inclusivity and accessibility: The hiring process must be inclusive from the start. Research indicates a higher abandonment rate for women in video interviews, highlighting a significant barrier to diversity. Therefore, in the hiring process, we are already losing inclusion and diversity at the very start. Technologies should be evaluated for their impact on diverse candidates, including those who are neurodiverse or dyslexic.

Sarah"Is it inclusive? Is it fair? Is it explainable? These questions should guide the integration of AI into recruitment processes."

- Sarah Kopinsky, Principal CSM at

Ensuring fairness and ethical practices is crucial. AI should not exacerbate biases. 

Start by scrutinising your current processes. Use an AI assessment checklist to ensure continuous bias testing, use of first-party data, and transparency. Avoid pitfalls like holding onto candidate data indefinitely.


The adoption of AI in recruitment requires a thoughtful and ethical approach. By focusing on inclusivity, fairness, and transparency, organisations can leverage AI to enhance their recruitment processes and achieve better outcomes. As we move forward, let’s keep asking the right questions and striving for a more inclusive and effective hiring landscape.

You can watch Sarah’s full keynote presentation below: 


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