4 ways a talent acquisition platform can help you save time & money

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What is a Talent Acquisition platform? And how can implementing a talent acquisition platform help you overcome some of your biggest hiring challenges? In this article, we will share some tips to help you manage recruitment efficiently and win the war for talent. Let us walk you through 4 ways a talent acquisition platform can help you create first-class candidate experiences and simplify hiring for you.

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What is a talent acquisition platform?

A talent acquisition platform is a digital way of handling recruitment and hiring needs. It's often a software application that can be implemented and accessed online, depending on the size and needs of the company. Sophisticated technology, such as a TAP, enables a wide range of benefits, including cost and time efficiencies, increased quality of hires, and better employer branding prospects. Let's dive into what a talent acquisition platform can do for you.

4 ways a talent acquisition platform helps you create first-class candidate experiences and simplify your hiring process

Recruiting in a fast-changing world where the candidate holds power is far from a walk in the park. In fact, a recent study from The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise shows that three out of ten recruitment attempts failed last year, and 58% of Dutch HR professionals say their biggest challenge in hiring today is to encourage talents to apply.

With this in mind, hiring leaders must employ new and innovative strategies to meet the challenges of the modern recruiting landscape. This is why 99% of fortune 500 companies have already implemented a talent acquisition platform to streamline their hiring process.

1. Creates an ad that will wake your applicants’ interest

In many job markets today, there are more jobs than job seekers. A recent study from Wittenborg University showed that there were 133 job vacancies for every 100 unemployed, leaving candidates with a whole buffet to choose from.

The increasing competition for top talent makes a strong first impression a must. With a TAP, you can create custom-made job ads in no time that ensure a genuine, enticing, and compelling impression of you as an employer. A standout job ad will also:

  • Eliminate administrative tasks
  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Increase the chance of receiving high-quality applicants

2. Reaches the right candidates

In today's competitive job market, a strong employer brand is critical to attracting highly-qualified talents and winning the best candidates. According to a Glassdoor survey, more than 80% of employees and job seekers said a company's reputation impacts their decision on whether to apply for a job or not.

A talent acquisition platform helps you reach the right people at the right time. With just a click, you can advertise your jobs on the platforms you want to specific target groups, with ads being shown to thousands of relevant candidates. You can also follow the results of the campaigns in real-time as it's being collected and get a report on the statistics. 

3. Embraces data-driven recruitment while still keeping it human

Clear and frequent follow-up makes all candidates feel seen and valued. Automating your recruitment process by eliminating unnecessary admin and hassle will not only ensure an efficient process but also save you a big chunk of time so that you can focus on what matters the most - the human elements of the hiring process.

For example, with Jobylon's Automations & Triggers feature, you can quickly set up automatic and certain triggers for specific recruitments using "Pipeline Actions". This means that you'll be able to send out follow-up emails in different parts of the process to move candidates through the steps in the hiring process. You can also:

  • Automatically reject candidates that do not fulfill a requirement.
  • Assign a hiring team member to all candidates that land on interview.
  • Send a message to candidates including candidate forms when they land on a specific stage, asking them to submit their references.

Using a talent acquisition platform will not only help you stay efficient by using the mentioned features above, it will also improve your recruitment process by reducing unnecessary admin and providing you with relevant data. Here are three additional timesaving features you'll find with Jobylon:

  • Simplify the process of scheduling interviews by enabling candidates to self-schedule a meeting directly with you based on your proposed meeting slots sent out. When a candidate picks a time, that meeting slot is automatically removed from the other candidates. It's also possible to arrange group interviews with several candidates in one meeting.

  • Help your colleagues better understand why the applicant didn't continue in the recruiting process with the "Lost Reasons" function. It lets you define specific reasons for rejecting or losing applicants along the process. Hiring managers will be asked to select a predefined reason from a drop-down menu when they move the applicant to a certain stage.

  • With the "Analytics, Reporting and Insights" feature, you can activate automatic reminders and notifications when candidates stand still at various stages. Measure when and why you lose candidates and use the data for future processes and further improvement. This will give you insights into how the hiring process went and what's working best for you and your team.

4. Handles the hiring process in a GDPR-compliant way

One of the most crucial aspects of hiring is ensuring GDPR compliance; not taking the journey toward GDPR compliance could cause serious consequences. By using a TAP, you can feel confident knowing you handle the recruitment process in a GDPR-compliant way and that all stored data is safely handled.

With Jobylon, you can easily set up automated cleanup rules and schedules to ensure that personal data is deleted according to your instructions. The following functions also take part to ensure a secure system:

  • The detailed permission levels ensure everyone only sees and has access to the information needed so that HR never has to worry about sensitive data being in the wrong place. By simplifying and automating your Hiring Teams, you can create rules and assign what type of jobs members have access to.

  • The "Tasks and comments" function allows all information about candidates to stay in the system so that nothing needs to be shared via email or other non-compliant channels. This also makes it easy to get an overview of the internal communication around a candidate, and everyone can discuss the candidate with all the information close at hand.

  • The possibility to automatically delete or anonymize a candidate's data is helpful when pulling out reports without knowing who the applicant is. When a candidate gets anonymized, all personal data related to the application gets permanently deleted and replaced with dummy data while the applicant's record is still kept.


A time-consuming and complicated application process might scare away even the best talent. A good candidate experience is especially crucial during the candidate's first stages of interaction with the organization, as it can impact their decision to apply for the job or accept an offer. Jobylon's application process is user-friendly, optimized, and designed from the candidates' perspective to make it easy and inviting to fill out an application. Some of the features include:

  • Remove unnecessary steps throughout the application process by offering CV-free applications. Candidates can apply with one click via LinkedIn or video applications, with or without a CV. Not having to submit irrelevant information saves time for candidates and decreases the risk of relevant candidates dropping out along the process.

  • Our feature "The Offer Module" lets employers send out customized offers quickly. The offer showcases the details you'd like to highlight, such as; salary, start date, pension, wellness grants, and more.

  • The "Get in touch" feature in our Offer Module makes it easy for the candidate to communicate, ask questions or negotiate directly with the offer presented. Once the candidate is ready, the offer can easily be accepted, all parties will be notified, and the offer acceptance will be logged.

Jobylons recruitment software is designed to help you create first-class candidate experiences and simplify hiring for you. If you need help with improving your hiring process and attracting high-quality talents, don't hesitate to contact us or sign up for our newsletter with monthly inspirational boosts.

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