Recruiting on Snapchat? McDonald’s did and reached 300+ million candidates

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Recruiting on Snapchat might just sound like a wild idea for some, but could it be a legitimate employer branding strategy? One company to be inspired by and that has succeeded is McDonald’s. Attracting and recruiting young people today requires you to be innovative in your way of approaching them, something that McDonald’s in Australia quickly realized. Knowing that nearly half of their employees are between the age of 16 and 24, makes choosing Snapchat as a recruitment channel sound less like a naive idea and more like a well-thought-out method. And just like that, the expression “Snapplication” was born💥

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So, how does recruiting on Snapchat actually work? 

They started off with an eye-catching 10-second employer branding video of employees showcasing their experience working for McDonald’s. The call-to-action? A swipe that leads them directly to their career site where candidates send in a 10-second pitch on why they should work there. And, guess what? They’ve got an estimation of 3000 applications within the first 24 hours. What a way to build a candidate pipeline! 

The importance of resonating with your audience

What few companies manage to master in the loud world of social media is that- we can’t just shoot out content where our candidates are. We need to shoot out the right content, at the right time and on the right channel. With that said, we need to get to know their behavioral patterns in order to create a recruitment campaign that resonates with our audience.

Because let’s face it. Embracing new social channels might feel intimidating and pointless but the reality is that – it might just be exactly what you need to stay relevant for your audience! If this is your first step into the Snapchat world, start off with building awareness around your brand and find innovative ways of engaging your audience without any strings attached (for example; by letting a colleague do a takeover to showcase their day). And in McDonald’s case, they ended up with an estimated outreach to 304 million people in 3 days. Snapchat is dominated by Millenials and McDonald’s story is just one of many examples of what we can win by adjusting our recruitment strategy with the help of modern tools. Recruiting on Snapchat might just be what your brand needs to take it to the next level!

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