Wellpack: Our workflow would be significantly slower without a modern platform

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The staffing agency Wellpack went through seven different ATS software before they eventually found their perfect match. The fact that Jobylon simplifies the application process while simultaneously saving time for the recruitment consultant made them sign up for a two-year contract with Jobylon.


Dominic Hutchings, Business Development Manager at the Finnish staffing agency Wellpack, had a challenging experience finding the right ATS. Dominic’s main focus is implementing strategies. Among many things, he was in charge of finding a new ATS that met Wellpacks needs, which eventually became one of Dominic’s more challenging tasks over time.

“We receive hundreds of candidates on a weekly basis applying for job posts for different clients. We also have our whole team simultaneously taking care of different recruitment processes. Having a platform that is user-friendly and that meets our recruitment needs is therefore very important."

Dominic has been at Wellpack for two years and is now in charge of project collaboration and employer branding. Before collaborating with Jobylon, finding a software that obtained a good experience for both their recruitment consultant and from a candidate perspective seemed impossible.

“There are some advanced software on the market where only the recruitment consultant needs are in main focus, leaving the candidate experience behind. What we really liked about Jobylons platform is that it’s very well customized for both parties, which is should be. We live in an era where people who have a bad candidate experience, feel less excited about the job.”

Dominic researched seven other platforms before reaching out to Jobylon, and they all lacked some features that were too important to exclude. Compared to other recruitment-companies, Wellpack's recruitment process is somewhat small in comparison to companies that are struggling to get through a high volume of candidates.

“I came across Jobylon by accident and I’m very thankful for that. Working in a smaller field, Wellpack still has a lot of different customers and most software I found uses designs that only work for the traditional type of recruitment companies. Jobylon was the first one to offer us what other platforms were lacking, presenting a platform that worked with Wellpacks processes and which was truly what we needed.”

Apart from being considerate towards Wellpack’s needs, the reason for picking Jobylon as their new ATS boiled down to two different main factors.

“For me, the most important thing about Jobylon’s platform was that it improved our overall workflow and productivity level. It saves us a lot of time due to the integration with job-posting websites. We can always be sure that the job posts are updated on various job board sites where the candidate can see the job ads. That was one of the first things we looked into and are very happy with today.”

Since the collaboration started, Dominic has seen positive results and changes. Whilst the platform seems to be easier to handle for the candidate, his colleagues in recruitment are happy with the different features, offering them a more flexible way of working together. 

“With Jobylon’s platform, the whole team is able to see updates, comments on candidates’ profiles, as well as the overall progress of each recruitment process. Which keeps each consultant up to date. If someone is on sick leave, someone else can take over the case because everyone is up to date throughout the entire process. We can also search on keywords in order to find a specific candidate, even candidates who’ve applied for another position, and immediately see if he or she could potentially be a good fit for the job. This speeds up the process enormously.”

Even if they signed up for a two-year contract to begin with, Dominic sees Jobylon as a long-term partner.

“With the use of the platform's tagging function, advanced candidate pool and candidate filtering, we can respond to our customers' new staffing needs even faster and within a short period of time. If we have an issue, Jobylon answers really fast and our needs. Jobylon has made everything easier, more user-friendly, and faster. Without this modern platform, our workflow would be significantly slower.”

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