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Companies with strong employer brands are more likely to attract and retain talent. The common theme amongst these companies is the fact that they’re able to offer something beyond just “a place to work”. In the best of worlds, they can improve the lives of their employees. With that said, we listed 4 strong employer brands to take inspiration from.

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Why is Employer Branding important?

Employer branding, including the essential component of an "Employer Value Proposition" is vital for several reasons:

  • Attracting Top Talents: An attractive employer brand draws in skilled candidates who resonate with a company's values and offerings.

  • Retention and Engagement: A strong brand keeps current employees engaged and loyal by providing a sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Competitive Edge: A unique employer brand sets a company apart, aiding in the fierce competition for talent.
  • Cost Efficiency: A compelling brand reduces recruitment costs as interested candidates naturally gravitate toward the company.
  • Employee Advocacy: Satisfied employees become brand advocates, amplifying the company's image and reach.
  • Quality Applicants: A strong brand attracts high-quality candidates, enhancing team performance.
  • Long-Term Growth: Consistent branding aligns with long-term goals, fostering innovation and adaptability.
  • Talent Pipeline: A robust employer brand not only attracts top talent but also builds a strong talent pipeline for future recruitment. 


Google doesn’t really require an introduction, but we’ll provide one anyway. In less than 20 years, Google has evolved into one of the largest and most valuable corporations in the world. Today, the company has around 60,000 people working from 50 different countries and receives millions of applications every year. So, how come there’s such a great desire amongst candidates to work at Google? Most would describe Google as a company with a high level of trust, transparent communication, and a tradition of treating its employees fairly and launching initiatives to keep them motivated. For example, Google aims to boost innovation by providing their employees 20% of their work time for their projects. Another contributing factor is that they can offer competitive salaries, compensation, and benefits. 

One of Google's standout branding initiatives is its "Googleplex" headquarters in Mountain View, California. This sprawling complex includes various amenities such as swimming pools, nap pods, and even a slide! Google's transparent and employee-focused approach positions them as an attractive employer that values work-life balance and employee well-being.


Spotify has high popularity globally, and their employer brand has especially become stronger during the past years after having been an early adopter of flexible working methods. For example, Spotify introduced a work-from-anywhere strategy, giving its employees the freedom to choose where they want to work. In addition, Spotify is focusing on creating a safe, inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and is committed to raising the question about the mental health of their employees. In conclusion – Spotify is living proof that it’s possible to achieve great business results when employees are given the right tools, no matter where they work in the world. Spotify excels at showcasing their employer brand on social media platforms. On Instagram, they have a dedicated account called @lifeatspotify where they proudly display their employees, company culture, and inspiring events.



“Your career is just that; yours. You choose it. You live it. You make it happen. To get the best from it, you need the best opportunities. That's why opportunities are at the heart of a career with us.”

The quote above is a part of the promise on PwC’s career page. At PwC, they have made it their ambition to offer all employees "The Opportunity of a Lifetime", which essentially means that employees' time at PwC should be the best part of their career, a bold but inspiring statement. To achieve this, PwC works continuously with competence development and creates individual career plans for their employees. By doing this, PwC shows their candidates that they care about their employees’ professional development and aims to support them in every step of their career.

One way they’re showcasing this is by letting their employees share their personal stories in videos on their social media. Letting your employees share their unique experience is a great way to build an authentic employer brand. 


Finally, we would like to include Hubspot! One of the secrets behind their strong employer brand is the way they manage to communicate their culture and values to future candidates. The company quickly adapted to the value shift amongst candidates and their preferred way of working. For example, they acknowledge that employees today are motivated by a mission over money. Therefore, they’re focused on building a culture where people feel included, empowered, and inspired and aim to be as transparent and flexible as possible. Hubspot is offering many employee benefits, including retirement savings and unlimited vacations. They’re also strongly committed to competence development and provide yearly benefits for employees to improve their skill set.  

Looking for assistance with your Employer Branding?

Hopefully, you have gained some new inspiration from these 4 strong employer brands that can help you get started. According to LinkedIn, companies with strong employer brands spend 43 percent less per hire. This proves that investing in your employer brand plays a great role in your recruitment process and will benefit your company as a whole. 

And remember, when creating your employer brand, it’s important to stay authentic and embrace the values that are meaningful to your company instead of just recreating someone else's. And if you get stuck along the way, we are here to help! With our recruitment platform, you can create tailored and eye-catching job ads that stand out from the crowd.

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