Employer branding at Löfbergs: Now we can communicate our culture in a completely new way.

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When Löfbergs was faced with the choice of a recruitment tool, they chose Jobylon. "With Jobylon, we can communicate our values, create content, and share our culture early in the recruitment process. It gives an immediate sense of what it's like to work here," says Sofia Svahn, Chief People & Culture Officer at Löfbergs group.


Sofia sees it as an advantage to have a single recruiting software for all markets. Everyone can work on the same platform, with shared ad templates, and gather all jobs in one place regardless of the country. It's a user-friendly, clear, and simple process that everyone can handle. The collaboration with Jobylon began in 2021. Sweden took the lead as the first country to implement it, followed closely by Denmark and the UK.

"What I like about the recruitment tool is that everything is centralized and just one click away. From job advertising to social media, you can manage everything from one place. Since we are on a journey where we want to work more on our employer brand, it's perfect to be able to showcase career videos and employee stories. We can be clear about who we are and what we stand for in a whole new way. Culture and values are important to us, and something we want to include as early as possible in the recruitment process to give candidates a clear picture of our colleagues and what it's like to work here."

Valuable insights during the recruitment process

Jobylon has also made it possible to use data in a different way than before. The tool provides an analysis of who applies, who views the ads, and where candidates drop off during the recruitment process. These insights are valuable for adjusting ads and marketing job postings over time.

"What is important to us, and what we are still developing, is to have a recruitment process where we don't lose competence along the way. Like many others, our goal is to minimize bias during the recruitment process. Through Jobylon, we now have the opportunity to anonymize our candidates by removing names, ages, and gender, so we are not influenced by these factors. It's an exciting possibility that we haven't started using yet but consider it as an interesting alternative to try,"
says Sofia.

Desire to include more perspectives

Löfbergs aims for its employees and leaders to reflect society but recognizezs that there is still progress to be made. Therefore, they must seize every opportunity to recruit diversity. They have clear goals regarding gender distribution and international backgrounds and regularly measure their current status, including using statistics from SCB. Alongside the switch to Jobylon, Löfbergs has developed a new recruitment routine. In all recruitments, the hiring manager has a responsibility to contribute to increasing the group's diversity. Throughout the recruitment process, diversity should be seen as a competence, and great emphasis is placed on securing a wide range of candidates until the final stages.

"At its core, it's about bringing in more perspectives because we know it benefits us as a company. Therefore, it's important that we do everything we can to ensure that in the final stages, we have candidates who contribute to the group's diversity. And we also weigh diversity as a competence in decision-making."

With Jobylon as a partner, Sofia is looking forward to how the recruitment process will evolve in the future.

"I see that Jobylon is collaborating with many interesting partners who strengthen their offering, and they invest a lot of resources in development. Everything suggests that future recruitment will revolve around automating processes, working more with early-stage testing instead of the final stages to identify relevant competence early on, and also as a way to eliminate bias. Since it's a candidate's market, employers will need to consciously work on their EVP (Employee Value Proposition), what they have to offer as an employer. I believe authenticity will be at the center here because employer branding is not just about packaging, but about the actual employee experience.”

“Candidates want a meaningful job with clear values. How can we best demonstrate our values-driven culture? I also believe we will see new forms of employment on an even larger scale. How do we attract gig workers? Should we hire entire teams at once since we know that teamwork and collaboration are the keys to results? We constantly need to stay informed about what is important to our candidates in order to attract the best for Löfbergs”

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