Integrasjoner & Partnere

Øk verdien av Jobylon ved å koble på en av de andre partnerne dine

Alle bedrifter har sine rekrutteringsbehov og egne preferanser når det kommer til å forme sin unike forretningsverdi og differensiering i markedet. Jobylon integrerer sømløst med de fleste store tredjeparts-apper og partnere, slik at du kan konsentrere deg om det som betyr mest for deg.

Utforsk hundrevis av integrasjoner


Post your jobs directly on Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, through Jobylon

FINN is Norway's biggest marketplace with 15 billion page views every year. Jobylon's integration allows you to post your jobs directly to their job board.


Post your jobs on HotelCareer, a job platform specialising in the hospitality, gastronomy and tourism industry.


TE-Palvelut is the Employment and Economic Development Office in Finland. Their integration with Jobylon makes it seamless to promote vacant positions on their site.


eJobs is the leading job platform in Romania. Our partnership allows you to post jobs to their job board directly from Jobylon

Blocket Jobb

Post your jobs to Blocket Jobb, one of the largest job platforms in Sweden


Glassdoor is the worldwide leader in insights about jobs and companies.


Juristjobben is Sweden's largest career site for lawyers and law students online as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


IT-jobbank is Denmark's largest job site for vacancies in IT.


Assessio is a highly reputed international test publisher with a comprehensive assessment portfolio.


Cubiks helps organizations to better understand their people and predict performance through a portfolio of personalized talent management solutions.


Master develop, deliver, implement and support a complete suite of online HR tools that make you an expert in strategic acquisition, recruitment, and development of talent.


Oneflow is a tool for creating frictionless e-signing experiences.


Trustcruit is a tool for measuring and gathering insights about your candidate experience.


Workday is a world leading HCM system.


Moovijob is the place where candidates find future jobs, internships, or training in Luxembourg. Reach them with our integration.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is one of the largest developer communities in the world, and one of the 50 most popular websites globally. Jobylon's integration makes it easy to promote jobs and find tech talent in their network


Careerbuilder is a platform focused on helping employers find, hire and manage great talent.

LinkedIn Premium Jobs

LinkedIn Premium Job Slots helps you reach targeted candidates that not only fit your vacancies but are also looking for new opportunities.


Monster is one of the leading job boards in Sweden, with more than 220 000 visitors a week.


The world's number 1 job site, with 250 million visitors every month worldwide.


Post you jobs directly to Duunitori, Finland's largest job search engine


Jobindex is Denmark's biggest job market with 800 000 unique visitors every month is the leader in the digital recruitment market in Poland and Ukraine, with millions of visitors every month

CV Keskus

CV Keskus is the most popular job portal in Estonia and has the country's largest database of candidates.


Job Ad Partner is one of the leading personnel marketing agencies in Germany. They focus on multiposting, job advertisements, and technical interfaces to advertising management systems.


E24 is Norway's largest newspaper on finance and business. Post your jobs here to reach audiences interested in those areas.


Resumé's job board is for employers looking to hire talent within communication, marketing, and advertising.

Post your jobs on, Austria's largest career portal.

Facebook Sponsored Post

Facebook Sponsored Posts allow you to reach a targeted audience of great candidates on Facebook.

Instagram Sponsored Post

Instagram Sponsored Post allows you to reach a targeted audience of great candidates on Instagram.

LinkedIn Sponsored Post

LinkedIn Sponsored Post allows you to reach a targeted audience on LinkedIn.

Alva Labs

Alva's psychometric tests combine science in psychological measurements with advanced machine learning. Together, they form a modern platform for candidate assessment.


Aon shape business decisions for the better — to protect and enrich the lives of people around the world.


Oddwork helps companies strengthen their employer brand and find talent.


HiBob is a HRM-system that enables mid-sized businesses to create remarkable work experiences that make their people and businesses thrive.


AlexisHR is a Swedish HRM-system built for SME.


Typelane is a platform for effortlessly creating onboarding journeys.


BambooHR's HRM system collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle.

Radancy’s Employee Referrals

Powered by our cloud-based talent acquisition platform, Radancy’s Employee Referrals helps you engage and incentivize your employees to reach more talent, attract high-quality candidates and recruit hard-to-fill roles. By seamlessly integrating into your workflow, we can help you create connections that count – helping you hire better talent, faster.


Reference checks are often time-consuming and with varying quality and security. Refensa is a digital and automated solution you can integrate with Jobylon.


Refapp assists recruiters in making efficient, professional and secure reference checking on every candidate. Increase the accuracy of candidate information and ensure GDPR compliance.


Uptrail is Sweden's most candidate-friendly job service for people within IT, Tech & Engineering. They focus on a world-class candidate experience and create value for our customers by increasing the inflow of quality candidates to a low cost.

Dagens Juridik

Publish job ads in the online newspaper. Dagens Juridik, Sweden's legal daily newspaper in law, banking & finance, real estate, insurance, and HR.


Post your jobs directly on Ofir, one of Denmark's absolute largest job portals through Jobylon.

Post your jobs to, one of the largest job platforms in all Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Rekrytointi is a meeting place for people in Finland looking for jobs and training and companies provide them. is Austria's largest career portal. The opportunities offered by the market leader in online recruiting connect suitable candidates with the best employers.

Neocase Software

Noecase deliver the most comprehensive Shared Services Center solutions available on the market.

Distribution Innovation

Provides the technology that powers businesses delivering and producing products to consumers. Distribution Innovations' technology enables more than 2.2 million deliveries each night.

Flex HR

Flex HRM is one of the few personnel systems on the market that covers the entire workflow. From registration of time reports and travel, and expense claims to complete payslips.


The all-in-one tool for all your events. Works great for IRL, virtual and hybrid events.


Post your jobs on Bilkarriere, a job platform specialising in the car industry in Denmark.

Intro automates search, screening and outreach, so you can spend your time interviewing qualitative candidates.


Post your jobs directly on NAV, the Norwegian Public Employment Service, through Jobylon


Spintr is a company that provides an innovative and comprehensive intranet software solution for organizations to enhance internal communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing


Easily gather insights from previous employers, colleagues or universities to validate and gain a deeper understanding of candidates’ professional backgrounds. Fetch reference checks from over  1700 institutions and show the results directly in your candidate’s profile.


Based out of Berlin, Arbeitnow helps job seekers discover jobs in Germany. Arbeitnow has built-in support for jobs that provide visa sponsorship, remote and relocation assistance, helping companies attract great talent from all over the world.


Jobbland is a recruitment marketing agency - we help you find your best candidates through AI-powered digital headhunting.
Partnering with Jobylon has been an incredible journey that has allowed both companies to make a difference, and create a better and more efficient hiring world. Together, we’re making finding top talent easier than ever and helping companies find the difference-makers they need to thrive.
Malcolm Burenstam Linder, CEO at Alva Labs