Why right now is the ultimate time for you to use social recruiting

Sofia Lindman Talent Acquisition

Social recruiting might not be the hottest topic right now. But, it should be! Within the drastic changes in the recruitment landscape, lies opportunities! We see a drastic increase in job seekers as COVID-19 has affected a high number of people’s employment. Luckily, the are still companies hiring, take Jobylon clients like Northvolt, Sogeti, and Meltwater who together have got more than 300+ vacancies out right now. As many as 67% of candidates are likely to apply if the company is actively managing their employer brand which means that, even if you’re not hiring, this is not the time to go dark.

Maintaining your employer brand is more important than ever given that we can now only rely on digital presence to build relationships with future candidates. Not to forget, this pandemic is forcing many companies to let go of staff, which means that there is a new pool of talents out there waiting to be hired! 

Convinced yet? Here are 3 important parameters to have in mind before you get started: 


1. People are using social media more than ever 

Since quarantine happened – the time you usually spent after work on going to the gym or having dinner with your friends is now spent indoors, and in many cases – in front of a screen. The time spent on social media today has skyrocketed. As a matter of fact, media consumption habits are going up by 60% according to a study by the Nielsen Media Company and the use of Social Media is no exception. This means that it’s the golden opportunity for you to start working on your brand awareness, interact and build relationships with potential candidates. 


2. It’s an exceptional time on the labor market

Social media are also used more frequently to outsource possible work opportunities as many people are losing their jobs. This is an exceptional time where the market is shifting and talents are having to leave, not because they’re not great but because of the financial aspect. 

Use your online presence to process these candidates. Social Recruiting campaigns allow you to reach a wide range of both active and passive candidates in a cost-effective way while building awareness and recognition of your employer brand. Normally, 70% of job seekers are looking for jobs on social media and during this whirlwind, I can only see that number going up. 


3. Your employer brand needs your attention

Building an employer brand is more important than ever but you might need to rethink your strategy. As of now, the world’s population is dealing with uncertainty so logically people are navigating towards safety. Even though few people are living their jobs at this time, many are still reflecting and evaluating their career and their next steps. 

With opportunities to process potential candidates comes with responsibility. When creating social recruiting campaigns. Be mindful of the way your brand is expressing itself and sense the climate and what candidates want to hear right now, rather than trying to achieve some kind of picture-perfectness. Sensitivity is the way to go. Maybe you can share how you’re pulling through this global crisis at your company? How did this change your environment and what does a day look like for your employees right now? Transparency has never been more right. 

Sofia Lindman

I'm Sofia! A peanut butter brownie lover, +4 years traveling digital nomad, and the Content & Brand Marketing manager at Jobylon. With an underlying passion to elevate from the industrial age thinking, I love to inspire companies to create a modern, more autonomous workspace that resonates with the future workforce and create a new narrivate around what it means to work.

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