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Lantmännen is a leading player in agriculture, food, machinery, and bioenergy in northern Europe. Their extensive activities mean that both the need for recruitment and the roles they recruit for can be widely different from business to business. Mikaela Schönström is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Lantmännen and talks about her challenges in the overall responsibility for the concern’s recruitment system.

​​Mikaela has a central role in Lantmännen's group-wide people function that extends over the twenty countries where the company operates. Her role as Talent Acquisition Manager is twofold - she is responsible for the central recruitment team that operates primarily in the Swedish part of the business, as well as the international overall responsibility for the systems and processes that affect talent acquisition throughout the concern. 

–The organisational structure of the business is very complex. Partly because of the fact that we are in many countries - and thus in many different cultures - and that our areas of activity differ so much makes our recruitment a multifaceted and exciting area. We’re recruiting everything from an operator to a grain plant or a mechanic, or a function in, for example, IT or finance. Sometimes we are also looking for very niche talents for the journey towards future agriculture.


10 000 employees - one tool

With its 10,000 employees internationally, Lantmännen’s recruitment is extensive, to say the least. Recruitment is usually done with the help of the central recruitment team or by the manager himself, with the support of HR. With increased investments and expansion of the concern, both in existing and new markets, world-class competence supply and system support are absolutely crucial, according to Mikaela. This is why Lantmännen took the initiative two years ago to replace the internal recruitment system.

– I felt that we needed a more modern system to increase the candidate experience, simplify and improve the working method for our users and make better data-driven decisions - in terms of everything from how and where we market our services to the evaluation of the candidates. We also required a system that could integrate seamlessly with other systems and platforms such as our people management tool, tests for recruitment, and tools for measuring the candidate experience. With Jobylon it became possible.

The project to implement Jobylon in the concern started in the autumn of 2019 - and in April 2020, the system went live. Making an extensive system change in such a short time was something Mikaela knew could be difficult, but despite that, the transition went smoothly.

– Jobylon was a fantastic partner and a contributing part to our success with the implementation within such a short time frame. Now that the tool has been run in, we have together with Jobylon continued to develop how we work with both recruitment in the system and our internal processes, with positive results. And for me, having our precious recruitment system in mind, it's like day and night.


A seamless recruitment process

As of the candidate experience, Mikaela pushes hard on seamlessness as an important factor; something she felt was missing in the previous system. She believes that seamless handling internally reflects the process towards the candidate, and with a good candidate experience will of course be more valuable gains.

–Thanks to Jobylon, we have created a recruitment process with higher quality and efficiency, and with a better candidate experience as a result. The system has made it possible for us to make data-driven decisions in regards to the recruitment process, in order to improve our work with the selection of candidates. With the help of data we obtain, we can, for example, see where our candidates come from and how they travel through the recruitment process. We can also identify bottlenecks more easily and understand why potential candidates drop out of a process when it happens.

She continues..

–The functions and integrations, together with the ability to automate parts of the process, not only means that the candidates get a better experience - it also means that we recruiters do not have to spend as much time on administration. Instead, we can spend that time on value-creating parts, such as meeting with the candidate or making proactive efforts for competence maintenance.


Meeting the needs in a broad concern

Mikaela herself works in Jobylon's system in a managerial role today with a lot of focus on further development. She believes that it is a constant challenge to find a balance between the needs of the individual business and what should be common working methods or structures within the group. In that question, she feels that Jobylon has done an extra good job of coming up with solutions to difficult questions.

- Jobylon is accommodating, responsive, committed, and has an incredibly high level of service, both towards me as the overall manager and towards the actual users; ie recruiters, the HR department, and recruiting managers. And no matter how experienced the user is, they are treated at their level of knowledge. The tool has also generally improved our cooperation internally now that we can easily share information and candidates between stakeholders in a secure and efficient way.

Within Lantmännen's growing operations, Mikaela feels that the concern now has the capability to recruit accordingly. Despite the pandemic, Lantmännen has made strong results during the year, which will mean new investments and continued expansion of the business.

- Now we can clearly see which strategy generates relevant candidates, and especially when it doesn’t. In connection with the change of system, we have also been forced to work through and raise issues related to talent acquisition on the table, which has been an unexpected advantage that has now made us even more ready for what is to come. Our collaboration with Jobylon continues to be an incredibly important piece of the puzzle and an invaluable partner for us to succeed with our future competence maintenance.

Sofia Lindman

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